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Stephen Teye Doku

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Any Great Accomplishment.

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Quote of the Day:

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph: a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” Mahatma Gandhi

Meaning of the Quote:

Any accomplishment, no matter its magnitude, has two stages - hard work and success. It also has a starting phase, challenge phase and the glory phase.

Discussion of the Quote:

Any great achievement be it small or big has two stages - the first being of great difficulty then the reward  phase. Also, there is a beginning then comes the rough patch and comes the victory.

With this knowledge, we will be aware and know what to expect at each of the two stages as well as the three phases. Additionally, we will be able to get through the stages as well as the phases a little easier because we are aware and realize what we are going through and why. We will be better equipped to deal with the situation.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, with any great accomplishment whether it is big or small, it brings with it stages and phases - each of which we have to work through and go through knowing there is no other way but to go through it and get it over with. There will be a time for planting which requires hard work, and there is the  time for reaping which is our harvest - in which we reap the rewards of our earlier labor. 

I appreciate your time, comments and likes.

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Press Release comments:

Thanks again Stephen for a smart bit of work. Yes, all feats take time, work and disappointment. The key is to enjoy what you are doing, then all the stages are pure fun!Tom Riach