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The Silent Healer — A Modern Study of Aloe Vera

The Silent Healer — A Modern Study of Aloe Vera

The following article is a direct quote taken from the book (The Silent Healer - A Modern Study By: Bill C. Coats R.Ph., C.C.N. with Robert Joseph Ahola). I'm currently reading this book as part of my research on Aloe Vera & it's many uses. Additionally, I'm looking at the medical, pharmaceutical, ?and Natural Healing industries and why many people may know of the uses and effectiveness of this Silent Healer but have a mindset that makes them reluctant to use it in their daily lives.

Most of them were either banned from use or, in the case of morphine, placed under a prescription and prescribed with great caution for medical emergencies and certain terminal illness.

Still the purveyors of secret remedies and miracle cures, whether they were laced with cocaine or glycerin, touted these remedies as “natural” and once again raised the banner of the medicine show to new levels of disrepute. “Mother Nature’s Original Formula, Old Fashioned Natural Health Tonic,” and “Dr. Sam’s Medical Miracle” are names that promised everything and delivered nothing more than overstated claims and broken promises. Along with them came mail order ruses too numerous to count that touted “natural” cures for everything chicken pox to Cupid’s measles.

Caveat emptor may have always been a condition of free enterprise, but not to the point of endangering the lives and health of individuals inside a society. So it is perhaps understandable that for the middle fifty years of the twentieth century (up to and including the 1970s) the pendulum of medical enforcement and crackdowns on claims to “natural cures” swung quite far to the right; perhaps too far. Many people believe that in the course of the last fifty years, the FDA has simply assumed too much power, and has, in the process, become almost persecutorial in its approach to anything that stands outside the “drugs are the answer” mentality of the mainstream medical establishment. For a long time the image of “Doctor God” and the pantheon of medical expertise held such sway over the modern American mindset that no one dared defy it. And especially in the thirty years that spanned the 1950s through the 1980s the prescription drug was in its heyday while any use of the term “natural” bore the stigma of being phony.

It is also something of a relief to note that in the early 1990s that trend, by the force of its own deadly inertia, began to reverse itself. And in the last twenty years in particular, some rather important paradigm shifts have occurred when it comes to national health and wellness alternatives. The first comes in a pronounced swing in public consciousness toward some of the choices we make about our health and away from traditional streams of medical diagnosis and treatment and the “ pill for every ill” mentality dictated by U.S. Pharmaceutical companies. As recently as 1999, USA Today announced the results of a study showing that over 54% of all Americans had sought some form of alternative treatment for their health challenges. And those alternatives came in the form of herbal remedies, supplements, magnets, and alternate global pharmacies. And the mainstream medical establishment is not only getting the message but also, in the tradition of “first do no harm,” starting to lead the charge. Since the year 2005, for example, most major insurers have begun to allow for prevention as a permissible part of their policy deductions. And where less than 5% of all MDs polled in 1980 had looked to natural alternative therapies in treating their patients, by the year 2002 more than 22% conceded that they had done so, and more than 1/3 of all patients did so on a regular basis.

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