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John Shaw

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The Rich Keep Getting Richer Because The Poor Thinks Everything Is A Scam

Would you like to make *$54 per person* you introduce and a monthly residual?

You're in the right place.


The company gives you the 1 gram of Silver to activate your vault. You are not buying 1 gram of Silver for $54 or $113. The $113 is a joining fee then there is $54 pm maintains the Cw fee. You are buying a membership.

In other words if you pay $113 to join planet fitness and they give you a towel when you join the gym, you are not paying $113 for the towel and when you pay $54 thereafter they give you again another towel, it’s not the towel you are paying for again but rather tthe use of the facility and to be able to have access to its infrastructure and to meet other members of this community. Yes, there are many more benefits but with SilverChief, you have a website, back office, online purchasing store and marketing tools etc. etc., those in my conventional business cost me $54 just for my online store.

Thirdly, SilverChief makes you a business owner as you have a system to plug into just like you get when you buy a burger, McDonald's or Burger King, however you also be become an investor as our product you get, keep, trade, promote, sell is a precious metal.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant ultimately wants you to become an investor. With SilverChief you become an investor as soon as you become the business owner. You can also sell Silver to private individuals or corporations and get up to 10% commission as a member. Recently a member sold $17,220 Silver and got $1,722 commission.
Well worth the pm to be part of a Silver like- minded community.



 Thousands of satisfied customers have taken their financial future into their own  hands by partaking in our business model & investing in precious metals. 

Our commitment to you is to provide an extraordinary opportunity & provide world-class services throughout your bullion stacking experience.

This is where the dance of life truly takes place!


During The Corona Virus Epidemic, Silver has offered 5x more returns than gold to date. Gold is up 5% whilst silver is up over 27.7%. Silver is truly an investors hidden secret.


 We offer an extraordinary business opportunity & A life changing direct sales plan. You can now earn direct commissions on sales of silver to your customer base.  


 We are challenging the current economic status quo. Whilst the world is in shut down our IBRs are turning million and some of them are on the brink of financial freedom. 








*The Rules of Financial Freedom*

RULE NO 1. *There is a Price to Pay.*

RULE NO 2. *There is Time to Give.*

RULE NO 3. *There is Patience to Observe.*

RULE NO 4. *There is a Seed to Sow.*

RULE NO 5. *There is Education to Acquire.*

RULE NO 6. *There is Process to Follow.*

RULE NO 7. *There are Principles to Obey.*

RULE NO 8. *There is Cause for Alarm when you are Poor.*

RULE NO 9. *Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained*

RULE NO 10. *Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.*

RULE NO 11. *The Road to Success is for Men and Women with Faith.*

RULE NO 12. *Poverty is a Risk and Wealth is a Risk.*

RULE NO 13. *The More the analyses the More the paralyses (analysis paralysis).*

RULE NO 14. *Financial Freedom is not a Chance it's a Choice.*

RULE NO 15. *God make your destiny. But to achieve your Destiny is in Your Hands.*

*Financial Freedom is Possible for YOU if Only YOU would play by the RULES!*

No Guarantees

You agree that the company has not made any guarantees about the results taking any action whether recommended by our video/website or not. The company provides educational and informational resources that are intended to help users of the website succeed in their online business and otherwise. You  nevertheless recognize that your ultimate success or failure will be the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond the control  and/or knowledge of the company - you also recognise that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Thus, the results obtained by others - whether clients or customers of the company or otherwise - applying the principles set out in our website are no guarantee that you or any other person or entity will be able to obtain similar results.

email: IBuySilverNow@gmail.com

Press Release comments:

In the early 2000`s I promoted a company that gave us the option to receive our commissions in tangible assets American Eagle Gold and Silver which started me off! Thanks for sharing John!!!Spencer Taylor Jr

I wonder if part of the reason people believe opportunities to be Non viable is because there are so many people ready to take there money with no return out there?

Those though who do their due diligence will find there are many legitimate companies with whom starting a business selling their wares is very worthwhile. It is important to remember every investment is a risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. With Silver you might lose a little of your investment, you will never lose it all. Over time you can gain back what you lose as well.
Dennis Thorgesen