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InstaChief Media (Pty) Ltd (TA Silver Chief Mint And SCM) Business Plans Detailed Herein Are Effective As Of 9th May, 2019. 


1.1 InstaChief Media (Pty) Ltd (TA SilverChief Mint (SCM)) is a registered company that deals in physical commodities; and: 

1.2 SCM concentrates on the sales of silver (which is not regulated in South Africa), and which is implemented through a direct sales model; and: 

1.3 SCM acts as an intermediary between the supplier of silver to SCM and the buyer of silver from SCM; and: 

1.3 SCM is a direct sales organisation with a strong Behavioural Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy; and: 

1.4 SCM’s fundamental aim is to place money in the hands of individual’s; and:


2.1 SCM’s main commodity currently is silver; and: 

2.2 SCM purchases silver from prepared moulds from licensed refineries; and: 

2.3 SCM also buys minted metals from licensed dealers including but not limited to the SA Mint; and: 

2.4 These products are then sold to the market; and: 

2.5 Once the SCM Network for Silver has been fully established in South Africa then SCM will add other products to the SCM network; and: 


3.1 SCM appoints Independent Business Representatives under a strict agreement to sell silver via a direct sales structure to customers; and: 

3.2 SCM does a Know Your Client (KYC) on all Independent Business Representatives; and: 

3.3 SCM has acquired a VAT number to ensure full transparency with SARS; and: 

3.4 Since its inception in May 2019 the SCM Direct Sales Network has traded over 1 Million ZAR in Silver; and: 

3.5 The intrinsic dynamics of the structure with reference to the remuneration for the Independent Business Representatives, is explained in the SCM Direct Sales Structure; and:

 3.6 SCM purchases the silver directly from the refinery at spot price plus a percentage and sells it directly to the public; and: 

3.7 These sales create profit to the company; and: 4 SCM DIRECT SALES STRUCTURES: 

4.1 SCM use a simple binary structure; and: 

4.2 This is a 2-legged structure where one leg is being worked on by the whole team, and the other leg is worked on by the Independent Business Representatives; and: 


5.1 SCM has a direct sales structure that pays front end commissions for direct sales, and back-end commissions based on performance and achieving specified targets; and: 


6.1 SCM provides an opportunity for individuals to create additional income streams through direct sales; and: 

6.2 Further to this opportunity through in-house training and development, leaders are developed that could expand their skills and capital in further wealth creation initiatives in the long term.


InstaChief Media (Pty) Ltd (TA Silver Chief Mint And SCM) Policies Detailed Herein Are Effective As Of 9th May, 2019. 

1 InstaChief Media (Pty) Ltd hereinafter Trading As SilverChief Mint (South Africa) also known as SCM respects the rights of others and: 

1.1 SCM has clients which are: 

1.1.1 A direct customer, and/or: 

1.1.2 A SCM Representative, and/or: 

1.2 Any client of SCM accepts full responsibility for all of their actions in relation to the purchase of any commodities and services from and provided by https://silverchiefmint.com; and: 

1.3 The client accepts all Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trademark Laws and Regulations; and: 

1.4 The client accepts that the use of any SCM referenced material must be lawful and free of any civil liabilities and/or any other constraints; and: 

1.5 The client is prohibited to use of any SCM referenced material for any purpose other than for what it was intended for; and: 

1.6 And in such circumstances where possession of such SCM material may have an adverse financial, personal, prejudicial, or any other effect/s upon any third party then as the service provider https://silverchiefmint.com accepts no liability whatsoever for any fraud or/other legal charges laid against the client for the misuse of any SCM material; and: 

1.7 SCM and https://silverchiefmint.com accepts no liability for any damages caused to your system/s, (including but not limited to any hardware and software) by your engaging in, participating in, or using the information, or content provided by the SCM” and https://silverchiefmint.com Web-Site; and: 

1.8 SCM and https://silverchiefmint.com accepts no liability and is not responsible for any legal action taken against an individual, group, or company for the usage of the content or information on the SCM Web-Site; and: 

1.9 SCM as discloser provides confidential information solely on an “As Is” basis; and: 

1.10 SCM as discloser makes no warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind whatsoever with respect to accuracy or completeness of the content of any information furnished including without limitation, warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose or against infringement; and: SCM DISCLAIMER POLICY InstaChief Media (Pty) Ltd Disclaimer Policy Errors And Omissions Accepted Page 2 of 2 2 QUERIES AND SUGGESTIONS: 

2.1 Should you as a client have any personal queries and/or suggestions about this Disclaimer Policy please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@silverchiefminy.com 

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