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I Want To Start My Own Business ~ How Much Does It Cost To Join Forever Living Products?

I Want To Start My Own Business ~
How Much Does It Cost To Join Forever Living Products?

So, you have looked at Forever Living Products, and you like the products, and you think that you could work with the person telling you all about them (hopefully me!), and you are interested in starting your own business. Your next question is always, “how much does it cost?”

This is quite often a stumbling block for prospective new team members, as they may be looking at the business because they need more money, and can’t find the funds in order to join the company in the first place.  It’s a Catch-22 situation.  So how can you get over this barrier?  You know the phrase ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’, or ‘you can’t make money without spending money’.  How many new businesses can you start with no investment at all?  I know of very few.

No Joining Fee

Firstly, there is no joining fee to join Forever Living Products, but you can purchase a Business Owner Box (Formerly the New Distributors Pack (NDP) for just under $314 in the US, which gets you straight onto the 2nd level of our marketing plan. In this box, you get a selection of our best-selling products, many of which can replace products which you would normally be buying in your monthly shopping anyway: products like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap and moisturizers.  So when you are thinking of buying a box, think of the money that you will then not be spending buying your usual products.  Also in the box are our best-selling Aloe drinking Gels and a whole heap of literature to really help you to get your business running.  The value of the products and literature is much more than the amount that you pay for them.

We recommend that you try everything in the pack, as you need to use the products to be able to confidently recommend them, but if money is an issue, you can sell these products in order to recoup your money, then as you start to earn from your Forever business, you can treat yourself to one new product with each new order that you place, thus spreading the cost of your own products.  We suggest that you start your business with a fanfare, and your sponsor will support you in hosting a business launch to which you can invite friends and family.  Many new business owners earn enough commission from having 2 or 3 launches to more than cover the cost of their business owner box.

Joining without the Business Owner Box

If you really can’t find the funds for your box, there is another way.  You can join the company purely by placing an order for products for over $157 (just one Clean 9 for example).  You don’t get as much commission when you join in this way, but it means that if you have a launch party and get orders from friends and family, you can join without spending any money yourself at all.  We would then suggest that you set aside your profits from these parties in order to buy your box as soon as you can. Every distributor who joins Forever Living Products is entitled to buy a business owner box even if it takes them a while to be able to afford it.  You can also earn yourself the higher commission levels just by hitting a certain volume of sales.

What Next ?

So, if you really want to join Forever Living Products, but the cost of the box is stopping you, then message me and we can put a plan in place to enable you to get over this hurdle and really get moving with your new and exciting business.

And once you’ve joined be sure to look for my future Blog – “How Much Can I Expect To Earn With My New Forever Living Products Business”.

If you are in another country (outside the US) then get in touch and I can send you the details about joining in your area.

You can’t change your life if you don’t change your thinking.

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