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John Shaw

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Have You Graduated Or As An "Older" Employee Been Downsized Right Out The Door ~ Insufficient Income

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Are you 20+ years old with large student loans (you can't figure how you'll ever repay) and unable to find a real job or a combination of jobs to support yourself? Perhaps it's some other large expense or expenses. The bills just seem to keep piling up.

Are you 55+ years old and been (downsized right out the door) laid-off with no prospect of being recalled? Feeling "too-old" to find anything or to start over? How is your pension, "nestegg" or Social Security (about the equivalent to minimum wage) or any other financial support system looking now?
To any and all of you, and anyone else....I have an opportunity for you. This will be an opportunity for you to: improve your quality of health no matter what health concerns you may currently have; meet your financial obligations & expectations; create Time & Financial Freedom for yourself and your loved ones, that no one or any set of circumstances can ever take away; regain your self respect and independence; change the quality of life for many, all around the world, get out and have fun, enjoy life once again, meet new people socialize.....and much more, too much to post here.
This is NOT a "get-rich-overnight" plan; this may require a 2-5 year commitment on your part depending on your motivation, work ethic, and experience level (to name a few qualities) before it really begins to pay you a substantial income. Here you can earn Full Time Pay for Part Time Work, you can double...triple or quadruple (or better) your current income.
If you're interested and would like to know more please message me here, on Facebook, Skype, Twitter or LinkedIn and together we'll work on your game plan.



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