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I decided to tell a little bit about myself. I’m tired of all the stuff I (and I’m sure you) get bombarded with here on the Internet. All the stuff about how great the products are, or the biz opportunity is or both. Let me also start off by saying that nowhere in this article do I ever use the 3 “forbidden” words, C.H.P. (Cure, Heal or Prevent); so I’ll simply say “FIX” the condition. There are several reasons for this which I won’t go into here; if you’d like to know why ask me and I’ll explain it to you. So I decided to tell you some of my experience. My wife/business partner and I don’t usually make use of doctors or meds…..in many cases, we don’t trust them and we don’t like them. Why would anyone in their right mind treat Symptoms instead of Causes? Neither of us has seen a doctor in well over 15 years. If you’d like to know why we don’t trust the medical industry just watch this short clip and you’ll get an idea: (CLICK HERE).

A little over 4 years ago my wife had an infection behind her ear and for quite some time she couldn’t get rid of it, after trying many “otc” products. She was offered some topical crème to “try” to see if it would help, by a new friend. Just one application that evening and another the next day and she already noticed a remarkable improvement. She continued for a few more days (one application per day), the infection went away and has never returned.

I personally find after being told several years ago that my then condition (preDiabetes) had advanced to full Diabetes, five years ago. I was also overweight, had no exercise program and my eating/snacking habits could certainly be improved. I have gone thru periods of: 1) heavy snoring (Sleep Apnea) while sleeping overnight, 2) stopping breathing while sleeping, for extended periods of time [and used a medical device (CPAP) for over a year] so I could get a nights sleep (fewer nighttime interruptions) even though many times I removed the device in my sleep, 3) over the course of a couple weeks I had intermittent numbness in one leg…loss of use in my arm (same side of my body, numbness in that same side of my face and slurred speech (thought I was having a Stroke), 4) frequent trips to the bathroom…throughout the night, like every other hour, for 2 years….just to urinate, 5) so I cut down on water consumption throughout the day (bad idea) and then had to deal with other complications brought on by my inadequate water consumption, of constipation. I even tried drinking most of my water earlier in the day….didn’t work, 6) cuts and scrapes on my skin that used to take days to a week or so to completely heal, now took months to heal and go away, due to reduced circulation, 7) balance issues, I seemed to fall or lose my balance many times, no matter what I was doing, like in the shower, standing still or walking, and as if that’s not enough, 8) I had Neuropathy, numbness/tingling in finger tips and feet, along with mini lightning-like strikes of pain in my feet and legs.

All this to say that without doctors or meds (Rx) I have brought my blood-sugar levels to normal (evidenced by regular home testing) and I don’t suffer any of those other symptoms.

After my wife’s condition cleared up we began to use products produced and marketed by Forever Living Products and so shortly afterwards, after “trying” a few products we got involved as FBO’s (Forever Business Owners) so we could get the products at a discounted price and we could earn a little extra money. We always wanted to have our own business and Forever’s Business Opportunity afforded us that opportunity. I do use several products from our company, they are very high quality and with the discount, how could I refuse? To me this was a better option than doctors, prescriptions & their side-effects, amputation of limbs, blindness, stroke, heart attack OR death.

If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms (or others) related to any chronic or passing health condition, (even those considered age, gender, race or nationality appropriate) please share this info and send me a message, we will help. We don’t have all the answers but together we’ll help you resolve (FIX) the issue.

I could sit here and tell you that “Sales” is not what it’s all about and it really isn’t. Of course, Sales IS important from a Business viewpoint (if you’re an FBO) and no prior Sales experience is required because All training is provided for as long as you need/want it. This is a business of Introduction (to the products and business opportunity more so than a sales position. If you went to a nice restaurant, or movie, theme park, bank or car dealer and completely enjoyed the experience (price and service) wouldn’t you tell others about it? Well, this is no different, except in this case you could make some extra money for your referral. This Business is more about caring For and About people….it’s about introducing people to the products and/or the business opportunity, (so people can change their lifestyle….by being illness/pain-free or their financial standing, just like the way my wife was introduced to the products…..no high-pressure sales tactics here.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve said above, would like more info or you’d like to start your own business, you can also be an FBO…it’s FREE, or you can register as a Preferred Customer (also FREE) I’d be glad to assist you.     

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