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John Shaw

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Networking With John

A comprehensive, fully integrated marketing system... the equivalent of a PhD in Internet Marketing. It's Yours and It's Free! WHY WOULD WE GIVE ALL THIS AWAY?
Our Goal is to share your Success!..Not Your Wallet!
Follow Our System... We GUARANTEE You Will Make Money... and it won't cost a dime!
additional information:
The Solutions Network, also known as All Solutions Network is a *Free opportunity that I believe in. *Free is another concept that I truly believe in. While the Classic Online Business Model was to recruit new members so that you could sell them an endless collection of bright and shiny products, I Believe that we can all succeed best if we concentrate on the Opportunity at hand.
*Free Means Free!

ASN is an Opportunity like no other that I have seen. There is no sign up fee. There are no upgrades. There is just a world of products that you can use and share. It is entirely possible for most people around the world to make money without spending a dime. On the other hand, if you make commissions on your own purchases, that is a net savings. The points that you earn from your own purchases can also help to guarantee that you will participate in the profits generated by your Downline and the entire ASN Network.

ASN may seem complicated. But, so is a Maserati. You don't need to know how everything works to drive one. You just need to know how to use it.

You may be concerned that ASN is a Network Marketing Opportunity. Perhaps you have heard friends or relatives putting down network marketing, even if they have no experience with it. Network Marketing uses the powerful concept of leveraging. You earn from your own efforts and you earn from the efforts of those in your downline. If you earn a minimum of 15 points each month, you can earn from a downline 10 levels deep. It may take time for your downline to reach that far but when it does, you may find the results startling.

Why should you Join ASN with me? What if I said that I didn't care? When I started building my primary website, http://www.CathyShaw.flp.com, I was fed up with the constant search for the information that I needed only to find dribbles of useless information. Now, when I find the information that I need, I find a way to share it. Consider it my way of paying things forward. So if you need the information that I share, help yourself. Share the links with others that need it. And if you decide to join ASN with me, rest assured that I will do everything I can to help you succeed. Because, with ASN, your Success is my Success.

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John Shaw

Network Marketing Professional, and Affiliate Marketer

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Networker's Tool Shed

Hello, my name is John. I provide tools, information and coaching for aspiring Marketers and 'seasoned' like.

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