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If You''''re NOT Doing This Daily in Your Business, You Matter As Well QUIT!!!

If You're NOT Doing This Daily in Your Business, You Matter As Well QUIT!!! These are the WORDS i hear over and over from my sponsor pretty much. 

You see, back in 2008, when the market crashed in Real Estate. I had my first home base business, and doing everything under the sun my up-line told me to do, such as...

Making a list of the 100 people I knew

Inviting them to see “The Plan”

Doing home meetings

Trying to recruit everyone I met

Meeting people for lunch and drawing circles on napkins

And getting rejected over and over again…

After doing ALL THAT…

I had completely tapped out my warm market. I tell you what, I just had a small dwindling team of unmotivated reps who couldn’t recruit their senile grandma to save their lives. And I couldn’t even build an organization no bigger than a kindergarten class, that's how awe full it really was.... hymmm!!!!!  until I discovered YESSSSSS UNTIL I DISCOVERED the SECRET KEY.

 Now If you don't mind I just want to share it with YOU so badly.

Pardon me I am not knocking anyone down who has their prospering Online Business but listen to me my dear friends. I don't have anything against Online Business but I love them BOTH, ONLINE and OFFLINE. To me it's like a MATCH made in HEAVEN. They both compliment each other. (like husband and wife team) lol

So without further of a due, please help me  CELEBRATE the DIRECT MAILING (IMPACT MAILING CLUB) which has been around since I know myself. See folks look in your mail box, daily you see post cards of various business just flood your mail box right? As a matter of fact a month ago I was looking for someone to pressure clean my drive way when I remembered seeing a post card that came. I don't know about you but in my home I do have a drawer that I called Junky, which means anything of such i just dumped it into that Junky drawer. I contacted the person on that postcard and got my drive way cleaned. That's a perfect example of proof how direct mailing does works. 


Huge savings going on this Dec month with the Impact Mailing Club promotional. Make sure you understand the expiration dates on both, the Emerald and the Sapphire package.   

EMERALD PACKAGE Promotional started Dec. 1st. to Dec. 15th. for the Emerald Package of $100 you will be upgraded to the Ruby Package which saves you $150.  but will get commissions on both levels any where from $65. to $150. 


SAPPHIRE PACKAGE Promotional Stated Dec. 1st. to Dec. 7th. for the Sapphire Package of $500. you will be upgraded immediately to the highest level which is the Diamond package which saves you $1500. but will get you commissions on both levels any where from $300. all the way up to $1000.   

Think of you get 5 people coming in with the DIAMOND LEVEL Diamond Level, that's $5000. coming directly to you.  CHOOSE WHICH PAYMENT PROCESSOR YOU WOULD LIKE.. Paypal, Venmo, Stripe, Facebook Messenger, CashAp, Money Order, or Cash. You get to choose that.

So here is my website, take a look, call/text or email me with any question before you join.

http://FastCashWithSharon.com  OR CALL/TEXT: 352-805-9846 CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO

I hope you find my analogy as to my ONLINE AND OFFLINE business the Amazing (IMPACT MAILING CLUB)

Thanks for reading my blog post and let me be the first to Welcome you to our IMC family.  

Cheers to your Success, 

Sharon Naraine

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Yes indeed! Direct mail has been around for a long time and still very effective. Thanks for sharing this insight with us Sharon!Grant Rayner

Great PR Sharon. Thank you for sharing this value-packed information. May you realize the Best of Success in all you do. Linda Michel White

Offline business ventures, if done right, can be very profitable. The key to choose something that has a proven record, and that is what you have done, and you're letting us know it has both online an offline ways of making money with it. That certainly makes it possible to get more customers. Thanks for sharing about it.John Kespert