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Round Bars | Types of Round Bars

The Round bars are extremely popular because of their versatility. The most important property of a steel round bar is its strength. The Round bar must be able to generate, but only to a point. Elasticity was not previously a major concern, but its absence over time created weak points along its length that used to give way when the load was extreme.

In general, a malleable and ductile steel product is desired. This improves usability. The better these properties are, the easier it is to cut and shape the round bars as needed.

Nippon Alloys Inc is a well-known and reputed Round Bar manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our Round Bars are available in different materials such as Hastelloy Round Bar, Monel Round Bar, Inconel Round Bar, Titanium Round Bar, Alloy 20 Round Bar.

Nippon Alloys Inc is a Mumbai, India based Manufacturer of Hastelloy Round Bars. The company was started in 2007.

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Types of Round Bars

Hastelloy Round Bar:

Hastelloy Round Bar has Excellent high-temperature strength in vacuum environments and inert Applications in the chemical process industry with phosphoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, and acetic acid. Nippon Alloys Inc manufacturer  is a well known stockist of Hastelloy C276 Round Bar, Hastelloy C22 Round Bar and Round Bars in other materials that include - Inconel Round Bar, Monel Round Bar, Titanium Round Bar, Hastelloy Round Bar, Titanium Round Bar. 

For more information: Hastelloy Round Bar Manufacturer

Inconel Round Bar:

Inconel Round Bar has a temperature range of cryogenic to 2100 degrees. These Inconel Round Rods have applications in the paper & pulp, chemical, heat treatment, aerospace, and other industries. These Inconel Low Temperature Round Bar are made in the same way that nickel-base alloys are, with the material being easily formable and weldable using a variety of procedures.

For more information: Inconel Round Bar Manufacturer

Monel Round Bars: 

Monel Round Bars are in marked contrast to many ferrous materials which are brittle at low temperatures despite their increased strength.

Monel Round Bars is a nickel-copper alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments, including hydrofluoric acid, sea water, alkalis, and sulfuric acid. Monel Bars are resistant to corrosion caused by seawater, as well as a variety of acids and other corrosive environments.

For more information: Monel Round Bar Manufacturer

Titanium Round Bar:

Titanium Round Bar is light, therefore its specific gravity is about 1.7 times that of aluminium. Steel has a specific gravity of around 60%. The Titanium Round Bar has a low thermal expansion, about a third of that of aluminium. We manufacture and supply Titanium Round Bar in different grades which include - Titanium Grade 2 Round Bar, Titanium Grade 5 Round Bar and Titanium Grade 12 Round Bar. 

For more information: Titanium Round Bar Manufacturer

Alloy 20 Round Bar:

Alloy 20 Round Bars are formed from a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with molybdenum and copper added to it. Niobium is used in UNS N08020 Round Bars to help prevent sensitization and intergranular corrosion. We are a well known stockist of Alloy 20 C276 Round Bar, Alloy 20 C22 Round Bar and Round Bars in other materials that include - Inconel Round Bar, Monel Round Bar, Titanium Round Bar, Alloy 20 Round Bar, Titanium Round Bar.

For more information: Alloy 20 Round Bar Manufacturer

Uses of Round Bars:

  1. Round bars are crafted in many grades and different processes of manufacturing are used depending on the form of application and designs.
  2. Automobile industry majorly requires bright bars as they are required in making nuts, bolts, shafts and all the constituents of engines. For this purpose special grades of bright bars are required.
  3. Textile industry uses the bars for manufacturing machines required to make textiles
  4. Army and defense sector require the bars for making arms and ammunition.

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