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Learn About Round Bars Manufacturer - Manan Steel & Metals

Round Bars 

Round bars are pre-finished metal goods having a circular base that are thick and pre-finished. Round bars, also known as bar stocks, are commonly used in applications that need shafts or rods. 

They can be made in a variety of diameters, ranging from 14 inches to massive, 24-inch thick stocks for heavier-duty applications. Round bars must therefore be produced of a long-lasting raw metal or alloy, such as steel, aluminium, iron, or titanium. Regardless of whether an industry relies on one or both of these metals, round bars remain one of the most formidable materials for achieving great load-bearing capacities and aesthetic finish.

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Manan Steels & Metals are prime Round Bar Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockiest & Exporter in India. We are considered as one of the pioneer organizations engaged in Manufacturing & Exporting a huge amount of Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Duplex Steel and the Monel Round Bars and Rods. We are also Suppliers, Dealers, and Stockholders of Round Bars.

Invar 36 Round Bar

Invar 36 Round Bar, also known as Nickel Alloy 36 Round bar, is a nickel-iron alloy noted for its uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion & contains 36% nickel and possesses a rate of thermal expansion approximately one-tenth that of carbon steel.

Invar 36 round bars are manufactured using various materials and of different dimensions, depending upon the predetermined applications. With a nickel composition of 36%, Invar 36 is a low-expansion nickel-iron alloy. From cryogenic temperatures to roughly 500°F, it possesses a low coefficient of expansion and maintains nearly constant dimensions over a wide range of normal atmospheric temperatures. The alloy retains its strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures.

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Hastelloy Round Bar

The Hastelloy Round Bar/Rods has a combination of good physical & mechanical properties such as corrosion resistance and high strength with outstanding weldability. 

Manan Steels & Metals are prime Hastelloy Round Bar Manufacturers in India. Manan Steel and Metals offer Hastelloy Round Bars, which are an extremely useful product in engineering industries. We are also one of the prime manufacturers of ASTM B574 Hastelloy C22 Round Bar that is being sourced by using high-quality raw material and makes sure to provide the highest quality of industry-standard products. 

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Types of Round Bars & Rods

Round Bars & Rods Application & Uses

  • Round Bars used in Roofing Industries
  • Hex Bars used in Switchgear Industries
  • Bright Bars used in Heat Exchangers
  • Round Bars used in Instrumentation
  • Stainless Steel Bars & Rods used in Metallurgical Industries
  • Black Bars used in Oil and Gas Industries
  • Nickel Alloy Bars & Rods used in Pharmaceuticals
  • Round Bars & Rod used in Power Plants

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