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What Are Team Colors in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is one of the most talked-about topics in modern companies that depend on IT infrastructures for their businesses. The companies that keep their precious data protected in secure servers have to deal with cybersecurity threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, data breach, and data theft daily. To deal with these threats, companies hire cybersecurity experts. The role of these experts is to form a cybersecurity team that can keep a constant eye on their data security and the efficiency of their personalized firewalls. Now, these cybersecurity teams have distinct roles. To differentiate between them according to the tasks assigned to them, they are divided into color teams such as the Red team, Blue team, Purple team, Yellow team, and a couple of others as well.

Red team of cybersecurity

The red team of a cybersecurity eco-space generally comprises of highly skilled and trained professionals who have an attacking mindset. In the read team training exercises, they are prepared to find out the weak spots in the cybersecurity system of the company. To find the weak points, the team members of the red team have to think like the cyber attackers who might be lurking around the corners. By recognizing the soft spots in a company's IT defenses, the cyber experts of the blue team can then work on strengthening and solidifying the defense mechanism of IT infrastructure.

Blue team of cybersecurity

As opposed to the red team, the blue team hires those professionals who are skilled in defending the company's IT networks and firewalls. In a blue team training, the employees are trained to protect their IT infrastructure from external as well as internal threats. In an ideal system, the blue team should be able to block any cyberattack that comes from real-life hackers or those from the Red team. As per the blue team training exercises, they are bravely trained by the best defends in the business. If you own a company that prioritizes data security above everything, then make sure that you put the best minds in the blue team. 

Difference between the cybersecurity teams

If we talk about the blue team vs red team, there is no comparison at all. Both the team need to work in synergy and complement each other. The red team should prepare simulated attacks on the company's data core, whereas the blue team should be able to identify those attacks and block them with a 100% success rate. 

There is a purple team as well in the eco-space. The sole purpose of this purple team is to ensure that the red team and the blue team are working with full effectiveness and honesty. It acts as a binding force between the first cybersecurity teams. The newest additions to the team colors are the yellow team, green team, and range team. They are the smart derivatives of the primary groups who learn and build from the mistakes of the prominent teams. You’ll learn about these net additions in the coming blogs. For more such valuable information on cybersecurity, keep reading our blog posts. 

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