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Effective Automation

Security automation refers to the handling of functions automatically thanks to pre-set programming software, instead of having such functions carried out by a technician. Automation is very effective as it boosts response time, because the response is already available and is programmed to be activated in certain situations.

The world is currently in the digital age where many of the activities of people are cyber based, this makes cyber security very important. With cyber-attacks becoming a more prominent feature in the cyber world, automated security protocols are required to help protect valuable data. Automated security is used in various aspects and industries as it provides numerous advantages. They can be programmed to control different system, leading them to be referred to as Industrial Control System (ICS).

In cyber security automation, some of the following features are very important:

  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition): In ICS SCADA as stated, the system is programmed to supervise, control and acquire data from all industrial operations. With this level of functionality, ICS SCADA is involved in different industrial operations ranging from the provision of basic amenities to the maintenance of machine functions. The data gathered provides parameters which can be used to predict and enable the system adapt to upcoming changes. With the importance of ICS SCADA, ICS/SCADA security is of the utmost importance, as without security, the system is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which can be very devastating since the system has a wide variety of applications, and if the system is compromised, all the functions will be vulnerable and this can have catastrophic effects. Thus ICS/SCADA security is should be prioritized to ensure that all the systems function properly and optimally to ensure continuous and uninterrupted systems fiction.

Cyber security in ICS is not only important, it is also necessary. ICS cyber security is used in all aspects of industries today. Since ICS is a key feature in implementing, maintaining and operating key processes in the modern day industries. Power distribution, water supply are just some of the major industries where ICS is a key feature. The security of such systems is best when automated, providing fast and effective response to all cyber-attacks. Cyber security also monitors the activities of the system and provide useful data, which can be essential in designing updates or even new systems.

Thanks to the effectiveness of automated cybersecurity, major industries now make use of automated security systems and enjoy its many benefits. The benefits include:

  • Fast response: One of the reasons security automation is very popular and widely used is because of the rapid response it possesses. Once a threat is detected, the system automatically acts, to protect the data and information that it guards. Since time is of the essence in cyber security, automated systems are likely the best choice.
  • Collate data: Automated security systems collate all data from all functioning areas of the industry. It can be useful in locating faulty terminals, predicting faults and recommending solutions to any problems that arise.


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