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Notarizers: A Recognized Firm to Get Statutory Declaration and Other Services

Notarizers is an independent private firm owned and managed by some trained professionals who are qualified both as lawyers and notaries public. Let’s have a look at some services offered by this awesome and amazing firm:

1. Pardons and Waivers

This service is needed for criminal pardons. RCMP needs people who request a criminal pardon or wish to be cleared of earlier criminal charges for having their fingerprints taken and submitted for processing to the RCMP office in Ottawa. The fingerprints are processed by the RCMP and compared with other fingerprints for finding any match which relates to the criminal conviction record. If no relation with a criminal record is found, a report will be sent signifying there is no criminal record related with that person’s fingerprints. And if any match is found, the related criminal conviction will be returned to the person. Waiver fingerprints are the same as the pardon fingerprints. This is done for checking the applicant’s background.

2. Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney the property is a legal document which allows or authorizes your attorney of fact to handle your property and finances if you are mentally able. This is generally used in business. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care permits you to select a reliable person to be your alternate decision-maker when you are mentally unable to make any decision regarding your health and wellbeing.

3. Statutory Declarations

Statutory declarations are the summing up of facts contained in a written form. The declarant solemnly proclaims all facts to be genuine before signing the documented summary. These declarations should be witnessed by a lawyer, notary public like Notarizers, a solicitor, or an attorney.

In case you are seeking professional pardons and waivers, statutory declarations, and power of attorney services in Ontario, schedule an appointment with Notarizers for a free consultation. Visit http://www.notarizers.ca/ for further details.


In order to receive complete professional statutory declarations, power of attorney, and pardons and waivers services in Ontario, contact Notarizers.

For further information on Notarizers as a recognized firm where you can get your statutory declaration and other services, please contact Notarizers by email at Info@Notarizers.ca or by phone at 416-782-5926.

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Contact us -

Business Name : Notary public services
Contact Person : Notarizers
Address : Signature Plaza,3123 Dufferin Street
State : Ontario
City : Toronto
Pin Code : M6A 2S9
Country : Canada
Phone No. : 416-782-5926
Email : notarizers1@gmail.com
Website : http://www.notarizers.ca/

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