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Marlena Burton

Active contributor | offline
Member since 8 / 2015

I appreciate effortless abundance

#abundance# financial abundance# more than enough# financial expansion# fun# fun manifesting abundance

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Video comments:

Hi Marlena, thanks for sharing your light with us! I'm a magnet to money... money, money loves me! That's a song that I like on youtube "Magnet To Money Song " hP9blLEQ0RcVictoria Banks

Marlena Great video and info , Thank you for sharing with us. WISH YOU CONTINUED SUCCESS.Koula Kanos - Advanc-ED PD

Yes! I always have said what you say to yourself is important. It will work when people are ready to shift their mindset. Thank you for sharing these tips in the video.Barbara Warren

Great tips for attracting money! Thanks Marlena!Sharon B