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Marlena Burton

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100% fast starts extended-my20dollartravelbusiness

Get excited-100% fast starts extended for my20dollartravelbusiness


Our team is loving the 100% fast starts with my20dollartravelbusiness, the 100% fast starts are extended until May 31 at midnight.

So, what does that mean?  That means that even if you start for $20 at Gold and help one person your profit will be $20 per Gold.  If you sponsor a Platinum you will earn $100 per Platinum, even if you are only a Gold.   Earning $100 on Monday was pretty exciting as I sponsored a Platinum.  I am so grateful and grateful for all of our team that is moving forward.


How do you know if this system might be a fit for you?

Do you like to travel?

Do you like to go on vacation?

Do you like to help people?

Do you like to save money?

Do you like to help people save money?

Do you like to help people have fun?

Do you like to leverage money and see it multiply?

Do you like to follow simple directions?

Do you like to be rewarded monetarily for following simple directions?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, give yourself permission to start your own my20dollartravelbusiness


I am really grateful for our team, it is duplicating and people are giving themselves permission to have more fun, help other's travel and go on vacation and get paid in the process.


A new payment plan is in place, you can choose check or zoom for payment now.  

Get excited, help 2 people and get paid.  The people will show up as a result of your decision to succeed and follow Steve's simple 10 minute training.

God's abundance to you.  Thank you for your time.  

I will see you on the inside.

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006



Simply point to Steve's 10 minute training on the website.  BTW, everyone has a dollar and can be a member (without the travel benefits) and be upgraded to Gold in 30 days.  Get positioned to prosper.

Press Release comments:

It looks like the savings alone, makes this worth it, thank you, Marlena.George Pierce

Congratulations on earning and sponsoring a Platinum member. This must be a good program.Dominic Goss

Break even or even profit from just one customer. Pretty strong!Steve Fazia

Very well written and compelling piece "100% fast starts extended-my20dollartravelbusiness". Interesting how you ask the qualifying questions. But good thoughts on interesting opportunity, thank you very much.Francis Cassady