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Marlena Burton

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I earned 200% commission

How did I earn 200% commission?

I simply shared my website=> https://thankgod.my1dollarbusiness.com and direct people to Steve's 10 minute training.  We all have equal access to an extra income of a potential 2k-10k per month with this super simple system.  The unlimited customer income  program is coming and people are eagerly awaiting it's release.

My testimony is also on the website, so not only can people see me there, my team can also let other's know that I am their sponsor and leverage my success:)  I am so Grateful our team has grown into the thousands.  I have a personal goal to help 5000 people enjoy full time freedom.

Literally, I keep my business as simple as sharing Steve's 10 minute training.  One time I was on the webinar shortly after the launch and Steve said "Marlena, how have you been able to help so many people?"  My response "Only Believe"  My results are a combination of focused thoughts, right feelings,  right belief, and inspired action which result in amazing results for me. Faith and the Law of Attraction are indeed powerful.  You see we are ALWAYS MANIFESTING.  I am so Grateful I can choose to feed my mind thoughts of prosperity, success, truth, abundance etc. We are not in control, however, we do have a choice.  You must choose abundance, again and again, and again regardless of what we see,  until we are at that state of being of unconscious competence.  Some people call it flow or ease, it's just second nature after a while to share something good and get good results.

A recruiter just contacted me to see if I knew of anyone interested in a position she had available.  She is a people person, likes helping people etc.  I was grateful to get to share with her, how she could be her own boss and get on track for full time freedom when the time is right for her.  I offer to help a minimum of one person a day, every day.  I encourage my team to do the same.  Once you help one person, then you are in "go mode."

My recommendation to my team

Say as little as you can,  to as many people as you can, as fast as you can:

1.  USE the product

2.  INVITE other's to see the founder's video (let the tools do the talking)

3.  See who wants to be a CUSTOMER/TEAM MEMBER and earn team pay


Is NOW the time for you or someone you know to help people and earn 200% commission?  200% commissions end 11/12/19 at 8pm ET or 1000 people earning the commission, whichever comes first.

Thank you for your time, God bless you, your family and all of creation,

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006


Press Release comments:

Thanks for Sharing Marlena,helping others to make sustainable incomes is a very good work. Here's to your continiued success...John Aiken

Your opportunity is one of the best and your advice is spot on, thank you, Marlena.George Pierce

Your opportunity is one of the best and your advice is spot on, thank you, Marlena.George Pierce

Wow, 200% commissions is sure an attention getter. Folks should take a look at your my1dollarbusiness. Sharing a short video with people sure is an easy way to promote a business. Thanks for letting us know about it.John Kespert

Thanks for sharing your Travel Biz with us, Marlena!Patricia Reynolds

Great Press Release. Thank you for sharing Keep up the good work!Bob & Shirley Rushing