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Marlena Burton

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Fun income streams


Several years ago a friend sent me a video titled "Have fun or let it go"
I loved the video and have committed to having fun building multiple income streams.

It's fun to encourage my team to do the same.  I shared with my team my potential income from 3 income streams:  a potential $11,000 monthly from my marketing system, a potential $20,000 monthly in my travel and savings business and a potential $97,000 monthly in my newest income stream.  Our +/- beliefs create our reality.  

People ask, how do you do multiple income streams?

A smart marketing system like Prosperity Central is my key.  People are realizing that a low cost digital system can pay them for many years to come.  The start up companies are great and there's never a guarantee on anything, yet I truly appreciate the fact that Prosperity Central has stood the test of time.  I Am very Grateful that 10+ years ago it crossed my path and I appreciate digital programs.

I can set up campaigns as I focus on my primary and let the system do the work.  I can e-mail my team as often as needed, there are no limits to the number of contacts you can have, amazing training for free, flyer generator, professional looking e-mails, and so much more.  So one thing I tell people, is that with the training that's available in the back office, if your team never contacts you, they have enough training in the back office to succeed.

I have been sharing The Power of One-365 with my team and have some of them in an old e-mail system, that system only allows 5000, so as I encouraged my team, before you make a purchase, is it an expense or is there a ROI?

You see one of my companies rolled out a tester system this week for marketing, I didn't sign up as there was no affiliate pay and you can only use it for that one company.  It's costing about as much as my Prosperity Central system, but it's an expense instead of something that can put money in my pocket.  I have many more features, so am glad I already has my marketing system in place.

So if you are in the market for an additional income stream, all of my streams are at my site: https://www.totallyfree.biz/cp/39 if you need a marketing system, consider https://totallyfree.biz/join  and see if anything that I have is a fit for you.  If so, where do you see yourself getting started.

Thank you so much,

God bless you, your family and all of creation with Love & Abundance beyond belief,

Marlena Burton

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FREE marketing system:  https://totallyfree.biz/join 

Press Release comments:

Those are awesome income numbers, Marlena! Go for it! You can do it! :-) Herb Ratsch

More than one income stream makes good sense, thanks, Marlena.George Pierce