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Marlena Burton

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Focus on the Fun one...



Multiple streams of income is so much fun.  How do you know what to focus on?  It's all about your energy.  Focus on the fun one.

You see people like Warren Buffett, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey having more than one stream of income or more than one business.

How on earth do you keep up?  Focusing on one, the fun one, the one that comes natural to you is the key.  I have used many products from various companies, some I have been a satisfied customer and some I have promoted. I have earned an income in every business that I have ever promoted.


One time I was using some water sachet's from a company and I had several people simply look at me and said, wow what have you been doing?  They were interested and I never even said anything.  


Do you think that everything that you touch prospers?

I know it's a bold statement, right!  Why would you think anything else other than the thought that what you do is going to prosper?

I am having so much fun in business.  Sometimes it's trying of course, however, Most of the time, it's a blast.

One of my mentors that earns a million dollars in a weekend and has helped well over a million people said. "Get good at setting up passive income and residual income streams."  The information that I have applied from him works, so I appreciate him sharing what works.  

I am sad for a few business friends that I know that recently they had some major changes in their company, changes that weren't pleasant.  Thank God, they still had their jobs.

One thing you have to do is be aware of who you are getting information from.  Have they done what you are doing or are they just hoping something good happens?

We all have to start somewhere, FOCUS ON THE FUN ONE...and the rest will build.


Thank you for your time & God bless you,

Marlena Burton 


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Press Release comments:

I've heard a lot about this travel opportunity. No doubt there is going to be a lot of shake out in travel for a next year but the strong will survive and the "lean" will prosper.Bill Bateman

Back to the top Marlena.Gloria S

I thought I would never have more than one business because all your time should be spent on one business at a time. I finally realized what I was leaving behind. Making a sechedual to work each business on a certain day or hour works out great. As you shared focus on the one that you enjoy the most. Thank you for sharing Marlena see you at the top.Wanda K Robinson

Allways been heading that way, fun and biz is the best combo indeed. Recommand to read this and allso check out the nice video! SharedSig Skeie

Yes Marlena, life and business should be fun. That's where true happiness resides. You encompass that message admirably in this press release and, of course, you pronote a real example of the principle in action through your fun travel enterprise.Tom Riach

I agree with this one Marlena! Thanks for sharing!Brandon J Urquhart I

The fun ones work the best, thank you and thanks for an outstanding video, Marlena.George Pierce

Very Good..:)Nicole Nilsson

Focus on the fune one is more than just the fun article which it is Marlena - it also has a message about a serious proposition (albeit that it's a fun proposition :-) ... it's hard to imagine a better combo than earning while travelling thould focus readers' minds!t so fun destinations. ThaTom Riach

Reminds me of what one of my mentors said when asked what kind of business are you in? She answered if they wanted to know about her real business or her fun one!Steve Fazia