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Marlena Burton

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Decisions create success for our team of 2400

Decisions create success for our team of 2400

How do you create a team of successful people?
I don't really know the answer other than making a decision and believing in your heart you are worthy and deserving of success, that is how my team  or 2400 has come to fruition.

I made a decision to help two people and God has literally taken it from there, before I ever invited anyone, two people literally showed up and joined my team.   You have probably heard, "when you make a decision, heaven and earth move on your behalf"  I have found that to be true.  One time we had a noisy neighbor, he had a harley davidson, it was very noisy and about 2 am, he would position the bike between our place and his, and just rev it up over and over:)  I told our landlord at the time, "We are moving out of here, I don't know how it's going to happen, but we are moving."  Lo and behold, it happened!!! 

I have studied the concept of Divine Rest for about 4 years and I know that just that little bit of consistent effort that I put forth daily will be multiplied, so things work best when I get out of the way, as God truly knows best.  That's how I build my business.  I commit to inviting at least one person daily and encourage my team to do the same.  Everything is truly already done, we don't make it happen, we allow it or dis-allow goodness to show up.  Lol, I just had to pause to take a phone call, car salesman calls me regularly to see if I am ready for a new car.  I got to share with him that as of today, our team has grown to 2400 people, he said, "Really" I said, "Yes, I told you there's a whole other world out there, regarding work and earning an income"  He said, "Send me your information"  You see the right people will actually come find you, when you make a rock solid decision.  I told him "It's all about timing, you can talk to people for a year, and they don't hear you until it's their time, just like the gospel, you can talk to people, preach to people etc, but until it's their time, they don't hear you."  He said "WOW."

One thing I share with my team:

Step 1 Deliberate Success

It's so much fun to get to decide who you would love to work with.

Have you decided who you would love to work with?

Have you decided to get on the fast track to full time freedom for less than $1 a day?

You get to decide what full time freedom is for you and your family.

For some people $4000 would be full time freedom, for most $20,000 would definitely be freedom, in the networking industry $10,000 a month is pretty well considered freedom for all.

Duplication is really the key, I have personally sponsored about 20+ people, does everyone "get it" of course not, are most people staying the course, yes, better than most of what I have built in the past.

If each person takes personal responsibility and invites at least one person daily, the team can live their dreams.

Can you imagine a team of 2500, 5000, 10,000, if so click here https://thankgod.my1dollarbusiness.com to consider joining our team.  Take personal responsibility for your success and let's get you on track for full time freedom for less than $1 a day.  Residual income is a blessing.

Thank you so much for your time,

God bless you, your family and all of creation with Love & Abundance beyond belief,

Marlena Burton


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Press Release comments:

An inspiring article Marlena and one which includes a great deal of simple truth. I have long advocated that the object of 'selling' is to have people come and ask you for your goods or services. This is clearly a concept which you have embraced to great effect. May I say - well done - few achieve the rarified atmosphere of a contented life spawned from simply doing the right thing for others rather than the best thing for yourself. Continued success to you, thanks for sharing this profound read.Tom Riach