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If You Build it They Will Come, Fields of Dreams

If You Build it They Will Come, Fields of Dreams

  We have seen many times that those with the motivation to achieve great things may begin in any adverse situation and yet from humble beginnings go on to establish powerful empires that endure for generations.

  "If You Build it they will come" is a Quotation adapted from the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams" where a farmer (Kevin Costner) facing bankruptcy decides to build his dream of a baseball Diamond in a cornfield where he and his wife are convinced that people from all over to pay to watch these epic games.

  Just before the ending of the American War Between States, William Wrigley, Jr was born.

   At the age of 29,
In 1891 he began a small business with $35 in Capital.

  Moving from Philadelphia to Chicago, Wrigley began selling his formula of Scouring Soap.

  As a premium to gain customers this entrepreneurial master-mind offered cans of baking powder for free to those who purchased the soap.

 This was his edge to gain market-share from the larger companies.

  The baking soda was one ingredient in the soap he was
selling and it became in more demand than the soap.

  Then as a premium for the Baking soda Wrigley
giving sticks of chewing gum which soon
became so
popular that he re-oriented his
whole business around the gum.

  Yes a product costing pennies made the fortune which bought out Life-Savers and Altoid Mints also built the beloved field of dreams at the corner of Clark and 1060 West Addison.
1060 West Addison Chicago, Illinois
  Chi-Town's Wrigley Field so fondly spoken
of in the
original "Blue's Brothers" movie.
Wrigley Field Chicago, IL
  Just as others like William Randolph Hearst became Titans of
their industries by pressing towards their Dreams in adverse times.

  Hearst took over management of a San Francisco
that his father had acquired as payment for
a gambling debt at the turn of the century.

  Hearst became the dominant force in news-publishing for decades with a product costing just pennies.

  So we know that it is not the largest-most costly goods
that are needed to create wealth.
Often those companies do not survive. Remember De Lorean?


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Yes even small amounts compound over time to reap larger rewards. Your money is then truly working for you and you withdraw the increase.Devy Brown

This is such an inspirational PR, Jewell and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for sharing it. Sandy Blomstrom

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I believe that we can see our fields full of dreams and we are sure it can be done with even the low-cost items and with all of our team joining one after the other That is is Best way to insure that no one is left behindJOHN E BROWN

I thank-you Bev Austin, Tony Downs, Richard Millner, Bill Bateman, Jack Shea and Devy Brown. Your comments are truly appreciated.Jewell Martin

It seems logical to use the Same downline to follow into each company and with the Team placing referrals for everyone in the co-op. A super Idea for duplication. Tony Downs

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