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Lil Wayne - Tidbits

Lil' Wayne Tidbits!

First of all, shouts out to IBO member Herb Ratsch for correctly answer my question "Who coined the phrase bling".  The correct answer is Lil' Wayne.  

Lil' Wayne saw the reflections of the lights bouncing off some crystal and he said it was bling.  If you have spent any time around the younger generation that was born in the 80' or early 90s you have probably heard that word many times.  Now, people primarily associate it with jewelry, diamonds, shiny objects. Lil'  Wayne actually has diamonds embedded in his teeth.  Those are not caps or overlays. Bling! Bling!

Not many people would expect me to know much about Lil Wayne but I watched a documentary on him because he interested me.  People that are different from me or that are influencers interest me.  I like to learn of their history and gain a better understanding of why other people are attracted to him.

It is not hard to understand why someone would be attracted to Denzel Washington, Brad Pit, or Jeff Beezo.  They have what many people like: swag, looks, talent and or money.  

Lil' Wayne, initially had none of that.  He was a kid that had a dream at a very early age to be in music.  He stayed focused and fulfilled that dream.  It did not come easy to him.  He had to be a "nuisance" to get attention.  The documentary I saw said he called the producer several times and left messages of him rapping. He wrote his first rap at 9.  He released his first album at 15. He also attended a gifted school! --- Say What!

He also respects and loves his mom. He said he had some of his tattoos removed at his mom's request.  Like many young men of his age, he did not have  a good relationship with his father.  However, he is the father of four (4) I believe and he loves his children.

He spent 8 months in jail.  He said he found Jesus while sitting in jail.  Now that's a story we often hear from people that have been to jail.  He says he prays every day and reads his Bible.  If you take a close look at his eyelids, one has Fear and the other has God tattooed on them.  Fear God!  His lyrics did change after his jail experience.  Since I haven't heard any of his latest music, I can't say.  He basically says he is accountable to himself and doesn't worry about what people say.

Another thing he makes a habit of doing is giving away music.  In his documentary, they were saying how much money he is losing by doing that.  He doesn't care about the money.  He wants to give back.  At the time of the documentary, he has 5 Grammy Awards and virtually all his records are hits.  Needless to say, he has the Midas Touch.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.  If you want to know more, watch his documentary on YouTube.


Jackie Edwards

Press Release comments:

Wow! What an enlightening Press Release, Jacqueline! These bits of biographical details about Lil' Wayne have really piqued my curiosity. I definitely will check out his bio on YouTube. And, yes, truly it does not pay to judge a book by its cover. Thanks for sharing.Patricia Reynolds

Good lesson here, never judge a book by its cover. That is so important to know about the person...their life and struggles. People are quick to judge, and impressions are always false. Good thoughts, thank you.Francis Cassady