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Thanks, Kris Karafotas as always and some people are asking me can I check out why they are having a problem trying to become a member? Send a ticket But Congratulations on being Featured Member Of The Day, Go IBO! :) 03-02-2020QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thank you and i welcome you as wellvictor Health

Thanks for sharing this welcome video Kris.Mobolaji Ajibola

 click hereLinda Michel White

Thanks for sharing Kris.Sharon Naraine

Thanks Kris! Glad to be on IBO tool box.Carl Davies

Thanks for sharing Chris,,,,Ionie Scott

It sure is a nice welcome message. Thanks Kris!Louise Kinnear

Great video, as usual, Kris. Thanks for sharing.CLARENCE BARNES

Great welcome video, thanks for sharingvictor Health

Nice IBO welcome message Kris!Michael Thompson

A video that has stood the test of time, but will you be making a new video for the updated IBO?Graham Commander

Awesome video series Kris, thank you!Tee Bogitini

Awesome video, Kris! Thanks for sharing...Dean Corbitt

Always the best. Thanks Kris! GoIBO!! ;)Steven Anthony

Nice Video Kris thanks for sharing.Pauline Burke

Kris Karafotas says it best, Welcome to IBOtoolbox, Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Great video, Kris! Thanks for what you do on IBO!Dean Corbitt

Thanks for what you do at IBOToolbox.James Randolph

Thanks for posting...Have a Great DayJohn Gatto

Awesome..:)Nicole Nilsson

Thank you for sharing, Kris!Patricia Reynolds

Yes.... Welcome to IBOtoolbox! Congratulations Kris for being IBO's FMOTD for the 26th time!ECOPRODS NMJR US UK

Thanks for the video Kris. Good information.Nana Loo

Great videoRoberta Coffman

great videozita slawinski

IBOtoolbox is a giant marketing in our modern time. Thanks Kris for sharing this video.Tito Buduson

Great share Kris! It always good to have a place to send everyone..Chery Schmidt

Thanks KrisMarlena Burton

I always recommend that everyone watch these videos.Dawn Meyers

Thanks for all the great training Kris, always a help and always something new to learn or something I missed the first time around!Whitney Jacqueline

Thanks Chris. These videos service to remind the community of just how great this free platform is. Thanks for sharingDeborah Crayton

joined the ibotoolbox resources how do i notify that i watched the video and earn creditszita slawinski

Hey Kris thanks for these great tutorial videos for IBOTracy Carter

Thanks for this informative videoMark Anthony Thomas

Thanks Kris for supporting...nadda nadda

Thanks Kris...your videos are straight to the pointCraig Warren

aww thank you Kris these are great video'sTracy Carter

Thanks for sharing all you doJohn Gatto

Thank you !Ayojide Buremoh

great articlewahidur Rahman

This is indeed a warm welcome. I've been absent from IBO for a while and watching this viseo today is refreshing and encouraging. Thank you, Kris.Deborah Blades

Awesome..:)Nicole Nilsson

Very clear and easy to follow through on Kris. Thank you.Cosmos Parris

Thanks Kris.It is great.nadda nadda

This is a very helpful video for all new members of IBOGary Welsh

Excellent video Kris, the new members will gain valuable insight into what IBOToolbox has to offer...Mike Conkey

Thanks Kris for information.nadda nadda

Thanks fro sharing this video ..good infoJohn Gatto

Thank you Kris for sharing the video and congratulations on being Featured Member of the Day.Regina Upchurch

Thank you Kris for sharing and congratulations on being Featured Member of the Day.sherley celin

Thanks for sharing this video and kris congrats on becoming FMOTD!Shermone Johnson

Kris Karafotas, I hope you had an Awesome Thanksgiving Day and a even better day as our Featured Member Today! Go IBO!!! :-)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thanks for all of your help and warm welcome! I look forward to learning. XoxoTiffany Zohn

Thank you Kris for your suppoting.nadda nadda

Nice video Kris.It will make new members feel welcome and know there is help at hand. Good advice on filling out and keeping your profile up to date.Ally Stewart

An excellent video Kris, thank you again for keeping us all in the loop, much appreciated! WhitWhitney Jacqueline

Thanks Kris for reminding us of the importance of IBOToolbox as an effective marketing system for our business..Jessmond Tenio

Thanks a lot Kris, I feel so excited to know I'll learn a lot and with the right platform.Thanks for inspiring me.samuel isibor

Kris as always thank you for the awesome reminders of the value that IBO presents to all its members old and new. Thanks again. Looking forward to more training along the way.Cassandra Goode

Thank you Kris. It is always my plwasure,whether to get on one of your trainings,read your newsletters or keep uptodate with your postings,the content is excellent.Cosmos Parris

Thanks Kris as always, keeping us inform and engage.QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Nice Video as Always from KrisParuchuri Sridhar

A great professional video KrisTommy Olsson

Awesome sharing as always, thanks Kris and have a nice day!Omar Saady

Thanks for the Video,together we shall do more and help others tooKatongole Johnny

Thank you Kris.nadda nadda

Thanks a lot for this Kris. it serves as a good reminder on what to do.Andoly Rathling

Thanks Kris, I've learned a great deal from your training over the years and still learning.Robin Robinson

Thank you Kris great informationcory tangye

Great training as always, Kris. The great works are being appreciated beyond your imagination. Thank you.Uche Egbuna

Hello Kris. I am glad to know that you are still the Queen of IBO. Great job. Go IBO!Zalee Harris

Thank you,Ibo is great.nadda nadda

Great contentWinston Hanson

Great video Kris! WhitWhitney Jacqueline

Thanks Kris! Great environment for IBO'sEric Tippetts

Thank you Kris for your videos. I enjoy IBOToolbox more and more every day!Lisa Nalker-Bowles

Thanks Kris for the video.Margaret Gaskin

I love IBO toolbox!Nichole Fett

Thank you, Kris! We appreciate you!connie thompson

Thank you for all the information you provide us Kris.Reuben Amos

Thanks for all you do, Kris! We really appreciated it!connie thompson

Greetings Kris! Great welcome video. :DFay Jones

Thanks so much for your training Kris. We appreciate all you do.  -via IBOmobileKeith Dyer

that was a nice video!!!!gunnar tikka

Hi Kris, your training is alway simple and straight forward, yet packed with information. Thank you.Bev Austin

Thanks Kris for the value you always put out for us!Julie S Kalungi

Thanks Kris always get a nugget or two from your videos and trainingStan Fuller

Wonderful video Kris, keep them coming.Camille Cameron

Great info on this video Kris, keep up the good work.David Hatchell

A great video Kris, a helpful guide for new and even seasoned IBO members. Thank you for taking the time to put it together for us! WhitWhitney Jacqueline

Very nice video.Good advice alsoTommy Olsson

Kris, I am being charged twice for the same thing. How can I resolve it???Chuck Reynolds

Thanks Kris for the informative video.Raj Solanki

Thanks for another great video about IBO.Donald Zornes

Thank you Kris for your awesome video. Your help is great for all IBO members.john tsantalis

First of all congrats Kris for getting well desrved FMOTD award....Thanks for sharing informative video which really helpful for newbies to understand IBO community....Happy weekend enjoy....!!!Gangadhar Kulkarni

Another awesome video Kris. Thanks for sharing with us.Cindi Tilson

The warmest welcome on IBOtoolbox can only come from Kris Karafotas. Thanks for sharing it.Otilia Moldovan

Nice! Thanks Kris for this welcoming video to IBO! Have a great weekend!ed Diop

Thanks Kris for your dedication to IBO members. More blessings to you.Dr Jackie Samuels

You are a inspiration of how we all should be professionalGraham Commander

Kris your "Welcome to IBO Video, will truly help new IO Members feel very welcome to IBO, Thnk you.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Kris, thank you so much, for all you do.Sunny Dominion

Thanks Kris great explanation about a newbie on iboSharon Naraine

Thanks Kris, as usual a great job!Layton Millican

Hi Chris, you always do a great job, well done. May I suggest that you put something like...Not a member yet? Click for a free tour and then a link to IBO at top of Youtube description...perhaps also add a few seconds at end of video pointing to link and inviting viewers to join by clicking link...you can also embed an IBO link in your video using annotation or card in dashboard. Superb video, thanks.George Pierce

Hi Kris, thanks for sharing you video with us, you are appreciated! Wishing you continued success.Victoria Banks

Thank you for sharing, Kris. A great welmcome message to persons new to the IBOtoolbox platform! Liked it and tweeted it!Patricia Reynolds

I think this is the first video I saw with a face shot of you Kris. Thanks for always putting quality content to help all membersGary Welsh

Hey Kris,
Great video as usual. Thanks for sharing. A wonderful welcome video. I need to make one of those on my profile. Thanks again
Tony Goff

Always a good PR, I thank you Kris! Great information!Carl Jones

Great video Kris,Thank you for sharing. Liked and Shared :)Anne-Marie Ronsen

Bumping you back to the top Kris. Thanks for this informationvinton samms

Great welcome, Kris. You are indeed the Ambassador for IBOtoolbox! Go Kris! Go IBO!Patricia Reynolds

Kris, thanks again for your dedication to our growth!Imogene LewisBroderick

Thanks for the info Kris.Evon Folkes

thanks krismourad marketer

IBO Master of Ceremonies! Bump this back up!

Thank you Kris for this welcome to IBO message and all the best to you as well! Michaelson Williams

A very appropriate message, thanks Kris.Mercutio Peters

On listening to this video I believe that i could do some more in welcoming the new member to this platform.Ronald Lorde

thanks Chris, Everyone should feel welcome to the IBO Toolbox family James Bass

Yes thank you Kris iy's time to marketing my Online Company.Ingemar Lenhult

That should make most anyone feel welcome.Jaye Carden

Kris, this is such a nice welcome message!! Thank you for posting it as well as for sending it out! Diane Achatz

There's always good information shared by Kris Karafotas, I'm naturally eager to hear of whats new as well as ongoing activity in the IBO community...thanks and keep up the good work.Malkin Harris

This is really a wonderful welcome message. Thanks for sharing, Kris.Deborah Blades

Great video - Thanks Kris for sharing this welcome message - Continued success!Dorothy Allen

very nice I never look at it and I been here for a few years. Richard Burger

Thank you for sharing Kris,Bob & Shirley Rushing

Thanks for the video Kris. You are correct this is a perfect place for marketers to promote their businesses. George Price

Thank you Kris for this video. You are a blessing.Earlene Clark

Thank you so much for another incredible video. This is awesomeChristi Brown

Excellent video Kris, thank you for everything on IBO.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Great welcome Kris! See you at the TOP!Todd Treharne

Lot of New Members Today So Welcome ALL ;-)Jeff Thrasher

Thank you Kris, great video.Jerry Wiseman

Great video, thanks Kris for the warm welcome ~ blessings and continued success on your IBO journey to financial freedom! Grateful and Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph

Great Kris, I love this video.Ronald Lorde

Great video Kris,Thank you for sharing. Bob & Shirley Rushing

Hi Kris - I enjoyed your video and the Webinar session yesterday morning. I am returning to IBOTOOLBOX after more than a year of being absent. My original account was exactly the way I had left it, so am in the process of cleaning up some of the information and updating my profile I hope to reconnect with many and continue to learn about the many new advantages of this amazing social network. Thanks for sharing! Skip Post

IBOtoolbox is a game changer for ANY entrepreneur. Thanks for all you do to pay it forward KrisFrances Richardson

Thanks Kris for the video on Welcome to IBOtoolbox! Great welcome...Dennis Zimmerman

Kris, great video for newcomers along with your IBO training webinars.Harry Findlay