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Back to the Top again Kris Karafotas and Congrats on being Featured Member Of The Day, Go IBO! :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Great video presentation; thanks Kris for sharing about Market With Kris, a valuable platform ~ Enjoy your day in the IBO spotlight as FMOTD ~ blessings and much prosperity in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph

Thanks for sharing this great video, Keep up the good work!Bob & Shirley Rushing

Great!!Pedro Rodriguez

I am continuing to find great value in your "Market With Kris" training's. Thank you!Nicole T

Congratulation Kris top be choosen a FMOTD! all best and success and be always at the TOP!Aziz Basry

Have a Awesome Day Kris Karafotas as FMOTD; Congrats Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

As always you a very professional approach, and Mareket With Kris is AwesomeGraham Commander

What other platform can members have training like this! Thanks Krs Karafotas keep up the great work :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Great video Kris, thanks for sharing with us, and also for the very useful information inside!Snap Carlo

Good video about who to make advertisementsNivedita Vaidya

Thank you for sharing Kris....great information!!Ionie Scott

Thanks for the video Kris! I find your training to be very informative and helpful, so thank you for taking the time to put these videos together for our use.Eddie Garcia

You make IBO better for all of us thank you KrisLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Kris you are so right and I have been with IBO since 2013, and I just joined Market With Kris, and I am learning so much about this platform that I never knew before, thanks you so much for your info and sharing and caring, There is no place like IBO Tool Box!Linda Kinsey

You make speaking on camera seem so easy, Kris! I love your approach to marketing and think the training is great! Thank you for all you do! Blessings!Helen Wix

Going through all the lessonss right now....on number 22 now! Great teaching about everything Kris...I'm learning a few things..esp..on how to do the videos and all that you can do with your profile...Great stuff!Tony Beach

Thanks Kris for giving us this information. James Bass

Thank you for this info about your marketing training resourceTommy Olsson

Thank you Kris for always being helpful and very informative in all of your posts, videos and in helping IBO colleagues!ECOPRODS NMJR US UK

Thank you for the edifying video Kris :DJason Rattigan

Great video presentation Kris,congratulations on your honor of becoming featured member of the day enjoy your week!Shermone Johnson

Loved the video and have been to Market with Kris... excellent training there!Whitney Jacqueline

Fantastic, thanksDave Hunton

Thanks Kris, for sharing this informative video.Viswanathan Kumaravel

Thanks, Kris. This training is so helpful.Sandy Blomstrom

thanks kris for sharingmourad marketer

Thanks for your insight and talents. KrisDwight Walker

Kris, loved the training, informative and educational, exactly what I needed! Thanks for producing them "then" putting them all together in one easy to navigate location! WhitWhitney Jacqueline

This training is amazing and easy! if you are wanting to know how to get the most out of IBO-this is it! thanks Kris!Todd Treharne

thank you very much madam for this presentationHemraj Patil

Great info. Keep up the good work and lets connect sometime.Frank Andrews

As always thank you Kris. I am always revisiting Marketing with Kris when I am in need of clarity on a marketing issue. Thanks for sharing.Camille Cameron

Great info Kris.Margaret Gaskin

great training video as always. Thank you for sharing!Jessica Lopez

Great information thanks for sharing.Pauline Burke

Kris, it's a pleasure to see you are The Featured Member Of The Day.James Stevens

Thanks kris great videoRobert Mchale

Thanks Kris for information.nadda nadda

Appreciate the great value you bring to IBOtoolbox membership Kris. Thank you.Cosmos Parris

Kris thank you for great work that you do and same time helping us all to succeed and same time Congratulations for being chosen the FMOTD.Michael Tkaczuk

Congratulation on being chosen as FMODStarr Lucas

Congratulations Kris on being the FMOD.Enjoy it.nadda nadda

Kris congratulations for earning FMOTD.Larry Gaylord

Kris, congratulations receiving recognition as FMOTD.Patrick Pierre

Best training for IBO Associates and beyond...Congrats Kris Karafotas, on being our Featured Member Today, Go IBO! :-)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thank you for the info KrisOrlando Heidanus

Thank you Kris for information.nadda nadda

Indeed Kris for success in business online we need a marketing strategy.So is important to learn more about this powerful tools for good results.Thank you for this video !barus florin

Great in info on market with Kris!Shermone Johnson

Thank you for the informative sharing, excellent PRCsaba Juhasz

Great video Kris. I will be coming back to you later to join you.Ally Stewart

Good info in this one!!Frank Andrews

Awesome video Kris, and a very important reminder that to succeed you have to put in the work and get educated. Go IBO!Robin Robinson

this training has benefits to all marketersJOHN E BROWN

Hello Kris, I love the way you put out your videos. You do it just like a pro. I am watching it over again.Celine Jane

Thanks for sharing this informative video on Market with Kris. Very valuable lessons for business building.Allison King

Great videoFrank Andrews

Great video...very informational as well. Keep up the good work hun.Kayla Powell

Another great video Kris. Thanks for keeping us in check!Judith Allen

Yes getting the training needed for online success is so essential. Marketwithkris provides a solid beginning foundation for just that. Thanks KrisCassandra Goode

Great presentation video Kris Karafotas. You just keep them coming!QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thank you Kris, very informativeChris Shouse

Great video as always, Kris.David Carson

Great video on Market with Kris for each associate can utilize every platform!Shermone Johnson

I really enjoy your training. Thank you KrisMichelle Dussault

Market with Kris has taught me so much. I'm so grateful for that platform! :)Dawn Williams

You are Awesome and Market With Kris, is the best place to learn - thank you Kris for all you doGraham Commander

Timeless info Kris! Thanks for sharing this valuable info.Gail Fields

wouldn't want to market with Kris? or market like Kris for that matter!Tom Riach

Thank you for sharing.nadda nadda

Great Video, Kris. Thank you for sharing. MWK is an awesome learning series. Thank you!Starr Lucas

Great video Kris! Str8 to the point. Well worth the time invested. Thank you for sharing.Tie Ginn IV

Excellent useful help video from Kris As Always. Thank You KrisParuchuri Sridhar

Market with Kris is a super informative video featuring the views of one of the best in the business - watch it and prosper!Tom Riach

Thanks Kris it's always helpful watching your videoscory tangye

Really awesome training here.Gregory Osborne

Thanks Kris Thanks for the boost. Your right sometimes it does get hard.Stephen Stefanski

Love the video - you are right - you know - some folks just dont get it!!!!! Thanks for sharingemily johnson

Thank you for the video, Kris. The training is very helpful.Diamantina Clarke

Awesome video Kris .Thanks for sharing this with us.michael underwood

Nicely done!!! Good to see the help hate it when you join a program and cant get help! Well Done!!William Kimes

You are so right Kris! Education in the right places absolutely helps to build a long lasting business online.connie thompson

Enjoyed the video Kris. Very professional.Queen Hardeman

Great information!Nichole Fett

Thanks For ALL that You Do for us here on IBO* ... May 2017 Truly Be EPIC* for ALL.PHIL SCHAEFER

Kris has a really nice voice and the videos are well presentedMoney Tutorials

Thanks for all that you do for the IBO Platform and the members. Happy Holidays to you and your family.David Hatchell

Very good thoughts on welcoming new people to IBOtoolbox.Thank you very much!Francis Cassady

Your training is a big reason for my success! Keep us up to date. Thanks, Kris!connie thompson

Thank you for all the great training at MWK Kris...and the credits!Mike Rife

Kris,your website is an outstanding resource for newbies and experienced marketers alike. Thanks for everything that you do to help us all be successful in our endeavors.David Hatchell

Bravo Kris! Everyone has to start somewhere with Marketing and your video certainly stands as a fine example of "How to Get Started" for newbies as well as polishing skills for those with experience. You are the consummate educator when it comes to explaining the In's and Out's of Marketing!Gloria Mitchell

Thank you for creating this awesome training platform, Kris!Patricia Reynolds

Market with Kris is a great resource to have at your disposal, I have learned so much since becoming a member. Thanks Kris for all you do.David Hatchell

Great information. Thank you for sharing Kris!Steven Egu

MarketWithKris is a great site with a wealth of information.Christopher Byrd

The MWK Site is a valuable resource to learning the real inside of how to use the tools we have available to us to us at IBO.Robin Robinson

Thanks Kris for the awesome contents you provide all the time.Sharon Naraine

Thank you Kris, for making a great quality content video! Education and training about online marketing is crucial in order to be successful in an online business.Sherri Pentzien

Hi Kris, I am unable to upload my photoManohar Mattu

Great video Kris! Thanks for sharing it with us.Dean Corbitt

Again you are on top of your game as you always are!Steven Ackerman

Thanks for sharing this informationvinton samms

Thanks for posting this, Kris. It will be very helpful.Doug Blomstrom

Kris you always bring the value that people can truly use in any business online todayBob Riddell

Love your training. Thank you for this reminderStarr Lucas

Lots of good info in nice concise bites ..Great Info KrisJohn Gatto

Signed up looking forward to it!Awesome site!STARR WHITE

Thank you for he video the Market With Kris training has been tremendous for me. Congratulations for being selected as FMOTD.Christopher Byrd

Yes, it can be very overwhelming, I am taking it one day at a time.Olivia D

Kris, thank you for sharing this fantastic video with us, even though I tried to watch it but it was not showing here, I don't know why, I could have loved to watch it. Anyway, thank you for sharing....Sunny Dominion

Thanks Kris for being a daily encourager and teacher! You are touching many lives here daily! God bless u!Dr Jackie Samuels

Thanks for all you do make us become great Marketers Kris! Let's start the MWK courses and - Grow (with) IBO!Katarina Hofbaur

This is a really great resource you have made available for us all. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day and all the success to whatever you do!Anne-Marie Ronsen

Another great training module to join. Thank you Kris.Ane Bogitini

These great content will definitely help to all marketers specially newbies on starting online marketing.. keep up the good work. :)Reden Dollano

Awesome - thanks Kris for providing these great Market With Kris lessons to help us succeed - Go IBO!Dorothy Allen

oh wow Kris you are real good, I sign up love it thanks Sharon Naraine

I am going through the video lessons and they are very helpful. Anybody stuck on things within IBOT, these videos will help you. Stephanie Hill

Love Marketing with Kris, excellent videos. Thanksvinton samms

Thank a Lot kris, you are always for us with more and more knowledge for everyone.Julio Perez H

A great Site Kris, I registered and just finished with the IBO Training and it was on target, convenient and the lessons were effective. I also bought one of the training courses, "Boost Productivity Using Your SmartPhone" it way over delivers for what it cost. I would definitely suggest anyone who hasn't signed to do so.
I shared. for how to use
Robin Robinson

I love Kris Videos! Thanks for sharing! Aldous Modelo

Mrs. Kris always on point thks!michael chavers

Thank you so much Kris! I look forward to participating in your trainings and learning how to build my business. Have a wonderful evening!
Margaret Sottilo

This is an excellent first stop for new IBO Associates. Get plugged in today! :DAthena Gay

Fantastic video my friend, thank you for training us.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Education is super important to being a good marketer. One thing that I've learned is to plan my marketing around the extremely short attention span of internet users these days. Huge marketing ads just do not work anymore. Everything must me short and right to the point. Thanks Kris!Michaelson Williams

Great stuff as always KrisRob Mccray

It's a great video and very useful, thanks KrisGlynis Nel

So Much value! Thank You Kris! =)Todd Treharne

Great video, thanks Kris for sharing Marketing with Kris ~ blessings and massive success in all your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious Velma Velma Joseph

Kris, GREAT promo for your awesome training!Chris Tobin

Nice, useful and interesting video. Thank you for sharing it with us! :)Plamen Ivanov

Kris, Nice video. Thank you so much for Marketing with Kris. Its a great resource!Lisa Hebert

Hello Kris, I am new here at IBO and I will need all the help I can get. I know I will learn with your guidance. Thanks for sharing with us.Arthur Philion

After watching your video I am in full agreement with you Kris, great job.Vasco Carney

Thanks Kris, It was a wonderful insight. God bless great lady and mentor.Bibek Shrestha

Just shared this page on my facebook, Kris. Have a nice day!Alfonso Roy Montenegro

You really sound like a marketing pro, Kris. Of course you are but the way you present yourself is really authoritative.Alfonso Roy Montenegro

A lot of videos training to get started. Thanks Kris.Priscilla Dumas

Thanks Kris, for sharing your website it has a lot of valuable information.Rickey Smith Jr

Your so right Kris People Join You Not Your Business ! kuddoes :)Serena Zimmerman