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Intro to IBObanners

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Thank you for explaining the IBO banner Kris....very informative!!Ionie Scott

Great video explaining the IBO banner program, I've used it with great success, thanks Kris.Whitney Jacqueline

Great information about IBObanners. This is a great addition to IBO!Starr Lucas

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Kris thanks again for great information .Pauline Burke

I can't wait to get started, Kris!Helen Wix

Hi Kris, thanks for sharing the video about IBO Banners. I have a problem, in that I can't use Paypal to make payments, will you accept payments by credit card?David Blake

Thanks Kris Karafotas, this is a very nice system and easy to create Banner Ads with your guided direction. Have a good afternoon networking! :-)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thanks for being the featured member of the day.Imro Haakmat

Thanks for sharing this informative video on IBObanners.Allison King

Great jnfo Kris.thanksBobby Brown

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great infozita slawinski

I forgot I was a member. Can we upgrade with bitcoin instead of paypal as I do not use them.maree wells

Thanks Kris very good information and laid out very nice. :)Adrian Mathews

Thanks for video. Banners do seem like a good way to draw attention to your business.Mark Anthony Thomas

Using banners is an excellent way to share your brand and your message.Shantell Sweeney

Hey Kris thanks for sharing this video.Tracy Carter

Helpful as AlwaysMohammed Clayborne

Thank you Kris for the helpful tutorial they really do help.Camille Cameron

Kris thanks for sharing have a blessed week-endPauline Burke

Kris great video, it's a good refresher.Jessica Lopez

I really enjoyed your video. Very informative. Thank youEliot Kay

Does anyone know what happened to IBOTube, it dosnt seem to work. Great article by the way Kris. Always a pleasure to read your stuff.Percy McDonald

You have helped me with plenty of banners back in the day. Thank you for all you do, Kris!Barbara Warren

Great content..... I love those bannersDei-Rasi Freckleton

Excellent platform banner advertising.I see very lucrative tools for any tipe of banners. Thank you for this video Kris and Happy New Year !barus florin

Great PR thank youFrank Andrews

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It's time for me to make a Banner, thanks Kris Karafotas and Congrats on being our Featured Member Today! Go IBO!!! ")QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thank you, very informative as I was preparing to order today.Felicia Anderson

Thank you so much for the awesome video information on Banners.samuel isibor

Thank you Kris.nadda nadda

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Kris, thank you for the information.Judith Allen

Thank you.William Linton

Great platform.Thank you.nadda nadda

Must make a banner, great resource.Emma Bowens

Thank you Kris Karafotas for the video lesson.QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Awesome Contribution as always Kris, thanks so much!Omar Saady

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I absolutely love itDee Martins

Great site! I use it to make my banners all the time...Tony Sama

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Happy New Year 2017 with all best and success .GO TO THE TOPAziz Basry

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I appreciate the IBO banners video Kris, great stuff and I do need some new and fresh banners made too - thank you!Whitney Jacqueline

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I have been using IBO banners for about a year now. I love the system and they are a great marketing tool for me. Thanks Kris!Deb Eberle

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Thank you Kris for the this quick video on IBOT Banners. Creating IBOBanners is something that I am trying to learn how to do now. I think having unique and creative banners helps with one's internet marketing efforts. Stephanie Hill

Very thorough tutorial Kris, IBObanners is an excellent tool to have access to for all you're graphic needs. I shared this. Robin Robinson

Excellent tutorial on getting started with IBObanners Kris. You definitely know your stuff. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heartTerri Pattio

I enjoyed the video Kris. Your step-by-step video walkthru of the IBO Banners platform will help everyone... even the newbies.
Greg Ray

Awesome Intro on banners Kris thanks for sharing. God blessThomas Mutai

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Another great video Kiris, Go IBO!!! ;)
Steven Anthony

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Informative video as I want to start using the Banner Creator. Thanks for sharing.Harry Findlay

Thank you Gary!Kris Karafotas

I shared the link to your video on Facebook.Gary Sisler

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Thank You Kris! Great video!Gary Sisler

Awesome video, easy to follow. Everyday I am blown away by how much IBO has to offer to help us. Thanks!Brad Petty

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A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. The two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. See Kris TODAY L S BUMPFrances Richardson

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Great video, very instructive; thanks Kris for the lesson in creating IBObanners ~ blessings and massive success in all your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph

This is very inspiring, I learned some things I did not know, thank you so much for sharing this video..Michelle Hussey

Great Video Kris, very very helpful. Thanks for all that you do
God Bless
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