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How to Use the IBObanner Creator

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Great presentation on creating banners and Congrats Kris Karafotas on being Featured Member Of The Day, Go IBO! :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Very helpful video. I need to head over and start making some new banners.Ally Stewart

Love your work. Been to the sites and lessons. Great job, thank you for the information.Ivan Gibson

Thank you for that post Kris.....lots of information there!Ionie Scott

Awesome..:)Nicole Nilsson

We've used it for years to create banners... works great Kris. Thank you!Whitney Jacqueline

Pls add" https" to IBO url when version IBO3Cladvi & DonĂ¡

Kris, you have some wonderful tools. :)Adrian Mathews

awesome kris thanks for postingAdrian Deacon

Thanks Kris for showing how the banner creater worksJohn Aiken

Thank you banners are powerful used rightSam Mandori

Wow thats really AwesomeMatt Andrusewicz

always a creative tool when creating banners that can brand youMichael Mikovich

Thanks for the detail training on banner creation, Kri Karafotas and have a successful day ahead! :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Best trainer on the netRichard Millner

I joined IBOBanners this week, followed Kris' instructions to the letter and created my first banner. I have a 7% CTR! It was 8% but dropped slightly.Helen Wix

Thanks Kris for sharing the knowledge. Great PR.Fay Jones

Great teching thanks for all you do.Jay Stoddard

Very edifying tutorial and thank you Kris once again :DJason Rattigan

Very useful, thank you.Anna Holloway

great info thankyouzita slawinski

Hey Kris Thank you for this video, Kris, it was very informativeTracy Carter

That is the best tool Kris, thank you for sharing.Camille Cameron

Always such a great platform with amazing marketing tools for everyone to use .. Thank you IBO and thank you for the banner video Kris! Take careCrypto Vend

Great tool.Thanks...nadda nadda

You ROCK Kris. Thanks for this amazing platform. I am forever grateful that IBOtoolbox is here. This platform has helped me so much in my CBD journey. Many thanks for all your programs and you amazing price points.Cynthia Trethewey

Cool. Don't even have to go to Canva. Thanks for saving me the time.Terry Frazier

The Banner Creator is great KrisGarry Tatnell

Thanks for the video on how to create and edit banners with IBObanner Creator.Deborah Crayton

Thanks Kris I actually forgot about the banner creator.John Aiken

Thank you for this video, Kris, it was very informativehopeton wilson

Thank you so much Kris.Have a wonderful day.samuel isibor

Thank you so much Kris. I will be putting it into action.Camille Cameron

Thank you, Kris Have an awesome SundayStarr Lucas

I just had to watch this video again, Thanks, Kris Karafotas and wishing you much success as always! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Your posts are valuable, thanks for sharing this PRVishal Mehta

Thanks Kris for supporting.nadda nadda

love this program. just made another banner this morning!Deb Eberle

Thanks for sharing the info on creating banners, cool!Victoria Banks

Nice tool.Thanks.nadda nadda

Thank you for all your help and supportRegina Upchurch

Wonderful direction for making banners.Starr Lucas

Thank you Kris, IBO is Great!Csaba Juhasz

Thank you Kris. You are a great teacher.Gunadasa Nugawela

Love this video IBOBanners is the perfect way to stand out from the competitionJoseph Monsen

Impressive tool and well explained Thank you Kris, will check out the banner siteGraham Commander

Hello Kris you for that training video on making banner or use the templateAnthony Cameron

Thank you very much Kris for this video. Excellent service offer and I am impress because is very lucrative.barus florin

Great video on IBO creator Kris very detailed!Shermone Johnson

Good video, learning more and more about this site now. Actually this made me aware of the banner creatorMaryanne Myers

Great video Kris. your instructions make it easy to understand how to use IBO Banner Creator.Ally Stewart

Great video! As it turns out this is an awesome and simple tool to use. Thanks for sharing Kris!Val Mbayen

Great Info...I see how we complicate things with out knowledge..Thank you Kris for all you do!!Ben Farfan

Awesome..:)Nicole Nilsson

Hello Kris, Thanks for this tutorial, I just looked back for a refresher. I really appreciate all your free training.Sharing.Michelle Dussault

Thanks for the detailed training video Kris Karafotas, I hope to make one soon. Go IBO! :-)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thank you for the information, some great ideas in the training.Mervyn Drury

To Your Success, Great Ideas Thanks!Ezworksystem Opportunities

The IBO Banner Creator is a wonderful resource Kris which, like your tutorials, helps everyone. The video is just great!Tom Riach

Kris, thank you for taking the time to make and share this video about making banners at IBOBanners. Doing things the correct way saves time, money and frustration. I sometimes see banners that are not showing or not showing correctly. Very wasteful for the person promoting it. Thanks Kris!Yvonne Finn

This really helps, thanks Kris for this update.Ssekito Umar

Thank you Kris,it sure does help a lotTsakani Maluleke

Hi Kris: I just created a few banners today. Super easy! At first I was totally intimated by the thought of "creating", but you sure make it easy!! I was able to start advertising. Super excited!Toni Turner

Very powerful and informative Kris. Easy to follow. Thank you.Cosmos Parris

Thank you for the tutorial, Kris :)Christine Lewis-Anderson

Thank you Kris.nadda nadda

Ive been using IBObanner for almost a year now I love it! :)Dawn Williams

Yet another awesome tool for the community. Thanks Kris. Much success.Marika Rika

Terrific video, Kris. Thanks :)Cynthia Parrott

Thank you Kris.nadda nadda

Where would we be without you Kris?!Tom Riach

Nice sharing as always Kris, keep it up!Omar Saady

Thank you for sharing this helpful video.nadda nadda

very helpful video kris thanks for sharing with ibo membersumer abdullah khan

Love these easy to follow , super simple training videos! thanks for all you do!Todd Treharne

Kris this tool is just so powerful thanks so much for all the valued information that you share with us here on the IBO platformAaron Shepard

Thanks for all you do Kris ! IBO Banners the best !Mike Long

I love IBObanners. Thanks for the informative videoSteven Ackerman

I have been debating on joining this and this made up my mind. Can we do animated banners too?Starr Lucas

Great tips for using the banner creator Kris.Thanks for educating us.Denzil Ward

IBObanners is the best tool ever I have made so many banners that are helping my business to be a success. Thanks for sharing this video Kris! :)Dawn Williams

very informative, thanks for the full walk through,and yes its not difficult at allkamall allen

Great info for those who want to custom create their own banners. Thanks Kris!Sharon B

Great video information Kris have a nice day.Shermone Johnson

thanks Kris for this good info-videoReinhard Raidl

Thank you Kris for showing us how to use this useful advertising tool.Jessmond Tenio

Excellent tool! Helpful for improving my banner marketing game, which could always use work.Steven Egu

Hi Kris, Thanks so much for making this video. It was a pleasant eye opener. It's well worth the asking price. Thanks again.. Your friend, Sandy HallSandy Hall

Excellent video. Very informative! Knowledge is powerNichole Fett

Hi Kriss, thank you for sharing another very informative video.Bev Austin

Great banner creator site along with great instructions.Sheila Caldwell

As the year ends in a few hours from where I am, I want to thank you Kris and IBO for all the support you've given to all of us! I learned a lot from IBO especially from your training! More power to you and IBO!I'm truly blessed to be a part of IBO family!Tet barredo

Excellent banner creation site.Terri Pattio

Great instructions in this videoTommy Olsson

Great video Kris, thanks for sharing.David Hatchell

Super easy to follow video Kris! Setting Up and running banner ads on FREE traffic sites is a simple way for marketers on a tight budget to establish "Hands-Free" traffic 24/7... Go IBO!! ;)Steven Anthony

thanks for the great value you offer krisMichael Mikovich

Hi Kris !I love working in IBO Banners and have been a member for over a year. I highly recommend it to all my friends !I am also sometimes slow on technology and have had a few issues with figuring things out. I find Kris to be quick on the response and willing to stick with me until I get it.In my defense once I figure it out I don;t need to reask the same question anyway.Thanks Kris !Mike Long

Thanks for sharing this info about the IBObanner CreatorNeha Kumari

Thanks for posting this info about the IBObanner Creator!Paul Jenkins

Thank you, Kris. I just made my first banner.connie thompson

Great informative video..bump to the top for you.Rafael Cruz

Very helpful video for all Kris. Thanks for sharingGary Welsh

Great video, making banners seems so easy with IBO Banner Creator - thanks!Whitney Jacqueline

Thanks for this video,it really help newbie like iTata Denis

Thanks this is an awesome trainingOlivia Brown

IBObanner Creator is the best banner creator I have ever come across, very straightforward and effortless! Thanks for sharing this video, Kris.Sherri Pentzien

You rock and I love your banner work too :)Bill MacFeat

Thanks Kris for this information. Very helpful indeedvinton samms

That's a pretty nifty program and you explained every step in a clear and concise manner.Mark Vaughn

Thank you for the very detailed demonstration.Christopher Byrd

IBO Banner Creator is great! But is there another training how to put a link to your banner?Lito Gomez

Great instructions in your video KrisTommy Olsson

So simple with your instructions. Thanks for sharing.Carrie Jackson

Your training videos rock.Shanique Stevenson

This video should make it easy to understand how to create a banner. Good info video!Jaye Carden

Thanks for another great training video! ...and worth the sharing :)Anne-Marie Ronsen

Thanks Kris for sharing this valuable informationNeha Kumari

Thanks Kris, excited to get started. Thanks again.Wilma Figueroa

You make it look so easy to create banners. Thanks for the video Kris.Cheryl Mckeller

Great Info and actually very simple to do, Thank You!LaWanda Smith

Thank you so much! :)Robert Makzy

Great tutorial Kris! Is this also a free tool on IBO?Fay Jones

Wow, that was fabulous! What took me so long to watch it, I don't know! Thanks Kris!Shelley Kuhn

Hey Kris, Great video and I learn so much! Now if only I can remember all the details!Sheila Mitchell

Thanks for the awesome info on how to create a banner.Donald Zornes

Thanks for the reminder. I always forget.Dawn Meyers

Thanks for the education, Kris!Krzysztof Stuglik

Thanks for the tips, HAvent made a Banner in Yonks Its time to correct that! :)Julie S Kalungi

This is awesome Kris. I am going to make some banners for my business. Thanks for sharing this video!Kathleen Ayers

Thanks for the education, Kris. God bless.Jason Yost

Kris thanks for another great training video!Danny Fortes

Kris, thank you for sharing with us.Sunny Dominion

Thanks Kris the purpose is very good I must test ibobanners.Ingemar Lenhult

Awesome tutorial Kris. Thank you for always showing us the way!Tee Bogitini

Thanks for the great video Kris. Something I haven't done yet but intend to now.Cindi Tilson

Awesome video Kris..im going out and make a banner right now..Leroy Ross

Thanks for such a timely Video.James Randolph

Thank you Kris for sharing your wisdom with us.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Great video, very instructive; thanks Kris for the lesson in creating IBObanners ~ blessings and continued success in all your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious Velma Velma Joseph

Definitely an awesome looking software for creating unique banners. Stephanie Hill

Thanks for the information on creating banners, Kris. Shirley Jefferson

Kris, thanks for demonstrating the banner creation process.Imogene LewisBroderick

Thanks for the tutorial Kris. Learnt a lotvinton samms

Great tutorial Kris, IBObanner creator is a great tool made easier with tutorials like this...Mike Duncan

Your tutorials are always concise and informative!Mark Vaughn

Great video Kris, very informative and will be a learning tool for me to help create banners, Awesome!Carl Jones

Another great and empowering tutorial. Thanks for posting Kris.Frances Richardson

Thank you Kris for the infoKevin Thompson

Kris thanks easier than I thought. Vincent Keize

Thank you Kris! This is a must have tool in building an on line biz while using bannerrs. Cheers!Al Peters

Straight forward simplicity! Great video Kris!Todd Treharne

Powerful, interesting video Kris, thank you for everything.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Great Stuff Kris Original Advertising Makes You Stand Out and Helps You Brand YourselfJeff Thrasher

Thanks Kris for the video and it looks like fun but for the time being, I am going to rely on you to create my banners.Earlene Clark

An excellent marketing tool to promote and build your business. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.Mohamad Yusoff Bin Sanusi

Another great tutorial video shared by Kris. This makes the IBO banner creator tool, so much more user friendly. Thanks for all you do. Kudos! Have a great week.Frances Richardson

Nice program if you need a banner added just let Kris know Richard Millner

Thanks Kris for the info!Patrick Pierre

Great training as usual Kris...Thank you...Brian C Cook

Thanks Kris for the infor on IBO banners. wonderful God blessThomas Mutai

Excellent to see the amazing things that can be done :)Laura Godin

what a great tool. Thanks so much for offering this amazing product to help build businessesChristi Brown

Hi Kris very grateful for the the IBObanner Creato rcourse ,very helpfullDidia Elkhouri

Being new to this (today!!), it's definitely helpful to see these great tools and that you've taken the time to explain how to use them effectively. Thanks Kris :)Rob Huntley

Kris you are a blessing to all of us here at IBO!Jim Redland

Kris, thanks for a look over your shoulder while creating a banner. Another very good training video!Steve Kern

Kris, congratulations on being selected as IBO's Featured Member of the Day! .... 3 Cheers for the Member of the Day!James Stevens

Thank you for sharing how easy it is to use IBO Banners. Have an awesome week.Patricia Reynolds

Great explanations for IBO Banners. Your videos always have great info and explanations to using the tools this platform has to offer.Jaye Carden

These tools and lessons are a big help for building eye-catching banner ads.JOHN E BROWN

Hey Kris, Here comes another always learn from you. Thanks for sharing

Have a GREAT day
Rita Shanahan

Hi Kris, thanks for this informative video, it definitely is helpful. All the Best Go IBO. Ahtune.Ahtune El Bey

Thanks for sharing Kris.Carolyn Faison

I still struggle with creating banners .... this is so helpful !
Thanks Kris
Barbara Blevins

I love the IBO Banner Creator. Thanks, Kris.Jen Langley

I signed up for banner creator. Thanks for the video tutorial. It's great.Joseph Gannon

Nicely done again, thank you for sharing. Have made them on free sites before but never bothered using them as they looked so bad.
Am definitely going to try out this banner maker as it has so much to offer.
Maria Kerridge

Kris, I registered, watched the videos and created my very first banner with the banner creator. The first one took some experimentation, but the site is very user friendly and I'm looking forward to creating more banners. Thank you so much!Diane Achatz

Excellent tutorial Kris and I like IBObanners. How long do we get to try it out free? ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heartTerri Pattio

Pretty cool! You've done a great job with the tutorial video as well! Thanks for putting it together!Harry Gordon

Kris excellent presentation on how to use the banner creator. Thanks for sharing.Bruce Carter

Great banner and graphic creator.Grantley Williams

ah yes this creator I known and have been using, its easy to use.
Can recommand it.

Sig Skeie

great video, very educating and usefull video...............thanks krisahmed musa

Great video and product, Kris. Thanks for sharing.Trina Noel

Kris, great video and product......thanksChris Tobin

It's so cool to see web banners around the Internet that have been created with the IBObanner Creator!Kris Karafotas

This is a great video and product, thanksshirley bookert

Thank you Kris for the great training videos. You doa great job on training.Jerry Wiseman