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Kris Clicks - New Feature Overview and What's Coming Next!

A little over a week ago, a banner traffic exchange was added to Kris Clicks! This integrated new feature opens up many opportunities for both those who are running ads with purchased credits as well of those members who are looking for a way to run their banners for free.

The banner traffic exchange is simple to use!

Once you log into your Kris Clicks account, click on EXCHANGE tab. Each time you click on a banner and view the website for 15 seconds, you earn 1 credit. These credits can be used to run your own banners!

Now you can click to earn or purchase credits, it's up to you!

If you don't want to participate in the banner exchange, just click on SETTINGS, and uncheck the Exchange box.

Click HERE! It's free to register at Kris Clicks and all new members get 100 credits to get started!

I am sure Kris Clicks is going to become one of the largest, most active banner traffic exchanges on the net! In fact, here are some of the businesses that members have shared with me that are being advertised and are converting:

Leads Leap
Kris Clicks
Money Line
Wealthy Affiliate
Leased Ad Space
MLM Gateway
Lead Lightning Power Lead System
Viral Team Builder  (See screenshot below with testimonial)

I will continue to add to this list as the testimonials come in, below are just some of my happy customers!

Kris, thought you would like to know that we logged in on our first afternoon after setting up our account, and we, in about 24 hours have had 2,351 hits on our 4 banners so far! It is amazing you can look through the banners and see exactly where those clicks are coming from! Thanks and Best Regards, Roger and Pamela Foulks 

Update from Roger and Pamela's testimonial above:

More good news!  Kris, our personal results are UP significantly this week and I am giving you the credit. We do not have tracking URLs, but we know that KrisClicks is responsible because it is the only change we have made!

Quality is way up also, and here is why we think that is true. After receiving their information, we send a "subscribe link for our AWeber Travel Income Training"

This week so far we have received 32 new leads, and 29 (over 90%) of those have already reclicked and subscribed for training! Based on our past experience that is outstanding! NORMAL is only about 20%, so whatever you are doing, keep doing it!

Thanks Kris, you have a good program. I have had quite a few signups!  Donna Sears

Just so you will know out of the 100 credits that you gave me I had 6 hit my capture page. I haven't had that kind of response from  anything I have tried. I am waiting to see what the conversion is.  Dusty Staggs

Update from Dusty's testimonial above:

I absolutely love this Platform. I received 10 leads in the first 45 minutes. Thanks Kris

I am having success promoting The Viral Team Builder and iCoinPro.
I am a happy Customer :) Thanks again!  Lisa Bowles


I have recieved several signups for Lead Lightning which is part of Power Lead System but no sales as of yet. Armand Scheiffele

I just want to say that I am very pleased with the amount of traffic that I am getting. It was big obvious change and so glad I tried it. Thanks Kris! Micky Gramlin

Remember that you earn 25% of all referral credit purchases! Kris Clicks paid out some nice commissions for April/May! It's super easy to earn and no purchase is necessary! 

Now... drum roll please! How cool would it be if you could send solo ads with Kris Clicks? Yay, right?

Stay tuned....

Kris Karafotas


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