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Kris Karafotas

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Just Launched - KRIS CLICKS Ad Traffic Platform

I just launched a new site called KrisClicks. It is less than 24 hours old and is exploding!

It's a brand new twist in traffic platforms that will bring you quality ad traffic at the best possible price.

KrisClicks is a simple to use, set it - forget it system! No surfing, clicking or any like that! In fact, you don't even have to be a techie to use it!

This traffic platform is unique in that it places your banner ads on well established partner traffic sites and networks to bring visitors to your websites.

There are 4 different credit packages to choose from starting as low as $5.95 for 1000 credits! Pricing goes as low as $.0005 / visitor. Example: 1 credit = 1 click / visitor.

Running an ad is simple plus you have the ability to track your visitors by time on your site, pages visited and IP address.

Special Note:  ALL NEW members who sign up at KrisClicks will receive 100 credits once their account is verified and activated! 

Everyone knows that you can't be successful without visitors to your website, right? This top performing tool will "get it done" and it is one that marketers are already raving about!



On top of a great traffic system, I am offering an affiliate program to you that pays a generous 25% commission!

Less than 24 hours old, this site already has close to 500 members which includes members that are already building their affiliate teams!

Your back office is complete with referral tools such as promotional banners, sales and commission tracking, referral activity and more. You even get your referrals name and email that will help you build your list!

So click here, it's free to register, grab your referral tools and start promoting. Be quick, get first movers advantage now before you hear it from someone else!

Have fun and let's make you some money!

Kris Karafotas


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This site is relay going to go placesJohann Coetzee

A proven and effective traffic program that's working great for our Lotto Magic Team build! Great fresh traffic, just what we all "must have" to build our home business's bigger and better - thank you!Whitney Jacqueline

I'm going to check it out, for sure!Greg Ray

Kris Clicks is a very good platform. Every one needs to try and use it.Paruchuri Sridhar

Back from New Jersey had some family issues. But everything ok.Preston Walker

Thanks for sharing, Kris. And thanks for your continued commitment to the success of the IBO Community!Patricia Reynolds

Great platform.Thanks Kris.nadda nadda

Great platform Kris thanks for introducing this to us and congrats again on becoming FMOTD!Shermone Johnson

Congratulations, Kris Karafotas on being our Featured Member Today, Go IBO!!! :-)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

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Great Press Release Kris Karafotas! I'm signing up ;-)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

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I'm not so much into ads, more into selling and affiliate recruitment.Oprea Alexandru

Will definitely check this out! Thanks KrisNeil Fox

Looks good.George Ten

Almost 1 month old and close to 1000 members! In appreciation of my members, I am having a flash sale for a limited time! Take 25 percent already low prices! This can end without notice! GO GO GO!Kris Karafotas

Nice way to advertise and create a presence online. Thank you!Starr Lucas

Thanks for another awesome way to advertise and make money.Dawn Meyers

This sounds great Kris, we are always looking for quality traffic and I know this another great Site to sign up with that will deliver!Robin Robinson

Thanks for sharing info on "Kris Clicks" Kris.Looks like a winner... much success!George Galvin

Thank you,i become a member and already even got some sign ups too...Orlando Heidanus

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Great post thanks for sharing with us all.Money Tutorials

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Great new site Kris, I will become a member of this new site. Thanks for sharing the Great News.David Hatchell

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Kris Clicks update - Tracking feature consists of time stamp, IP address, time on site, pages visited, visitors location and allows you to display their location on Google maps! News and update now posted on site in members area! Come see what is new at Kris Clicks and it is only 1 week old!Kris Karafotas

Hey Kris, we "old" folks from back in the Days :) I check this out from you and will look closer into it. Interestng it is. Success - Sig the Viking " GO IBO SPIRITSig Skeie

I have just added a bonus incentive for this weekend only. ALL NEW members who sign up at KrisClicks receive 100 credits once their account is verified and activated! Offer starts NOW and expires Sunday, April 2 at midnight EST.Kris Karafotas

I don't see any banner exchange code or any indication to banner size selection, maybe you could message me about that or reply here?Paul Nulty

Good Job! Congratulations! I'm inPaul Nulty

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Great traffic platform Kris, and it's got an affiliate program too. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heartTerri Pattio

Fantastic Press Release! 1st movers advantage will build decent size referral base. Let's get it going! Thank you for sharing.Tie Ginn IV

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Thanks for this PR. Someone had a link up yesterday but I didn't have time to check it out. Thanks for giving all of the details. Will join ASAP!Sharon B

The website looks great. And the partners involved with the ad campaigns are some heavy hitters. I try my best to look for website with the partners listed on your website. Most if not all of the rest have rediculous prices not suitable for small businesses. Thanks for another great tool. Can't wait to invest in this one as well. I feel good about this one.Stephen Thomas

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