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IBOtoolbox - A Sneak Peak at IBO3

IBOtoolbox is so close to unveiling IBO3. The theme for IBO3 is simple to use marketing platform! I have been beta testing the platform for the past few days and wanted to report back on all of the new features plus leak out some new screenshots!


The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into IBO3 and it is now more of an informational area. First off, you have an Announcements area which could be a system message or message from admin. Your basic account status is displayed with how many credits, associates you have and how many ads you have running.

It also displays your account limitations or expiration like ClubIBO and Premier Member status. Additionally, you will see how much storage space you have available in your Image Locker.

Finally, you have an Account Level Review showing how many stars you have and what you need to do to achieve a star.

Click here to see a screenshot of IBO3 Dashboard


The IBO Wall has been simplified! If there are comments or likes on a post, it is highlighted in green for more visibility. Members who have liked a post get their profile picture shown as well which is clickable back to their profile! Under each post are quick links to like, copy link for the post, comment, show comments, or report if the post is inappropriate.

Click here to see the IBO Wall screenshot


The IBO Messaging system is so much easier to use. To send a brand new message to any of your associates, click on the "New Message" button and simply begin typing the name of the associate you want to send your message to and it will start pulling up names for you to choose from. Additionally, when someone does a contact request, it will show up in your message system where you can easily copy their email address to respond to them!

Click here to see IBO3 Messaging Screenshot

Click here to see IBO3 Message Contact and Icon Notifications screenshot


You now have much more flexibility in one area! In the IBO Associates area, you can send messages, change notification settings, transfer credits and unassociate with any of your associates. Plus you can now favorite/unfavorite your associates!

Click here to see IBO Associates Listing screenshot


Again, another area that has been simplified! The IBO Advertising area houses all of your ads that you have created. Here you can also create your listing ads and set up your banner ads. You can easily filter your ads by type of ad and/or size of banner ad so if you have a lot of ads running, they are now easier to find to turn off or on or even edit! Advertising now runs on credits with IBO3. No more converting credits to impressions!


The IBO3 Credit Center is a lot more straight forward and easier to understand. The complication has been removed!


With IBO Tools, you are going to find an array of in house and third party tools that are specifically designed with the marketer in mind. The In House Tools work on a card type system. You click on the card you want to use and the tool opens. The Press Release Tool and full editor to work with plus you will also have an SEO friendly URL! I am using it right now and I can tell it is so simple to use! IBO3 now comes with an Image Locker Tool! Yep, this is way cool!

Click here to see IBO3 Tools screenshot


My Earnings has a new feature added! You can now filter this are with a choice of displaying unpaid commissions or paid commissions.


Here you get a listing of all the members you have personally referred to IBOtoolbox along with the date they joined IBOtoolbox, their email address and phone number if it was provided. Additionally, you can also see the history of your activity with each of you referrals such as when they last logged in and how many likes and messages they have sent you.


IBO3 comes with some new advanced tools for the My Account area. These new feature give you the ability to purge inactive associates, delete all messages, delete all notifications, delete all press releases, or delete all ads. Each one of these feature have a 1 click functionality.


Gone are the days of having to complete your profile all at once. Your profile is broken down into 6 easy to complete areas - Basic Information, Front Page Editor, My Businesses, Back Links (SEO Assist), Profile Monetization, My Business Videos. Your videos will also have an SEO Friendly URL! Each area is saved as you complete it. No more getting lost in all the areas you need to do to complete your profile!

It won't be much longer until IBO3 is released! This is definitely going to stir up so much excitement here at IBOtoolbox! We are going to see a lot of activity going on and I can hardly wait!

Looking forward to seeing your comments and being part of a successful future here at IBOtoolbox!

Let's go IBO!

Kris Karafotas

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