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October Healthy Lung Month - Keep Your Lungs Fit And Live Healthy Life

October Healthy Lung Month

October is HEALTHY LUNG MONTH. By taking care of our lungs and keeping them healthy, we help to maintain our general health as well. Your whole body depends on your lungs to keep breathing and distributing oxygen-rich blood throughout your body and to get rid of the body's gaseous waste, carbon dioxide. As too much carbon dioxide can cause the body to become acidic. Our lungs regularly trap infection-causing pollutants and help us cough or sneeze them out.

Breathing about 25,000 times and inhaling approximately 2,400 gallons of air every day, the lungs are the only internal organ in constant contact with the environment outside the body. Unfortunately, the environment does not always help the way that our lungs function because the air that we breathe contains small amounts of other gases, floating bacteria, and viruses. It also contains the products of tobacco smoke, automobile exhaust, and other pollutants from the atmosphere, making the lungs vulnerable to a number of diseases. Healthy Lung Month encourages those who have been affected by lung diseases to take control. 

Now summer is over; The cold months are approaching and many people feel difficulty in breathing these days. The seasons affect everyone differently, and for many people, October is the beginning of the tougher time of the year. This is an appropriate time to think about taking extra care of your health, and your lungs in particular. Our pharmacy contributes to aware the public about the importance of protecting the lungs from general neglect, bronchitis, mold, air pollution, and smoking.

Bottom line: If we take care of our lungs, our lungs will take care of us. 

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