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4 questions that need an answer before you get started

Hello friend,
There is a  a sea of craziness that is online marketing. Somethings are legit but a lot is just noise and fly by night. You need to build a solid foundation if you are to succeed, so I only point you to that which I know works because it is what is working for me. You may be here and have experience or you may just be starting out but these next four things will ring true for you no matter what.
The first question is Who are you trying to reach with your message/service/ and or product. Who is your ideal customer that you need to provide value to. For me, you are my ideal customer if you are reading this email because something has rung true for you in my message. For you though that may be slightly different and you need to really think about it because it will affect how you approach your business and marketing. Very important.
The second question then is where do you find that person. Where are they depends on what the service or product is and it is imperative to at least establish the possible places they will be looking for a message like yours. Obviously, I found you where you were searching for ways to succeed either through a search engine or targeted through Facebook but the two biggest search engines right now are Google and Youtube.
The third question then is what do you uses to capture that ideal clients attention. This may take some research and learning but in this cookie cutter noise that is out there online, it needs to be from a position of authority, something you know, therefore, you need to be a product of the product or service you are offering. I wil share with you at the end of this, something that will definitely help in this area.
The fourth question is what is the result you want your customer to achieve through this product or service. Everything needs to be result driven if you are to rise above the noise and be heard. That is why I gravitate to those who are getting results as oppose to the flashy. You want something solid that will sustain in time and work for you next year and 5 years from now and so on.
These four questions are all from me rereading a book I dove into over a year ago, almost two now. I do that because that is what successful people do, they continue to learn and then repeat what works and so I want to share this gem with you. It is a free book, you only have to pay for the shipping cost which is less than $10 for a million dollar education. These question are just from the first chapter and then it goes into depth on the rest. This will definitely help you on your quest to build a business online and be the success you know you are.
Use the link to get your free book today.called Dotcom Secrets.

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Excellent post, very informative; thanks Doug for sharing these vital marketing tips with us ~ blessings and continued success in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph