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Doug Hammack

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Your results matter but are you really doing what it takes to make it big?

Hey friends,

Just a few thoughts today on what I see out there in our "space" I may be "preaching to the choir" yet the "choir" needs to hear this message as much as the rest of everyone. The truth is those of you here are closer to the goal than most others but many are missing some key stuff that would take them from do okay, to total domination in what ever area of marketing you are in. Some of us here maybe creator of products but most of us represent someone else's products through affiliation, whether it be direct sales, mlm, network marketing, blog sites, influencers and so on. Most of us are affiliate marketers yet most people are only making about $100 to maybe $500 a month on the internet and some of you maybe satified with that but what happens when you spend more to advertise than you make in a month? You are actully losing money. There are many who would say that it is an investment, yet it is only an investment if you are improving. Be honest with yourself and think why are you here "in this space"? To make money while doing something you enjoy doing, right? Most of us, did not know how to do that before we started online, yet I believe there are many who would want to skip the hard stuff, the lessons, "leg day", self -improvement, and just jump right to the results, but that is not how any of this works.

Iceberg illustration

The above illustration is one you may have seen before  and we all can agree that this is how it really is, but in order to truly dominate and "rise above the noise", we have to actually do all the things and navigate through the negative to focus on the positive. In other words, there is a mindset change that has to take place or we wil not be successful. This is what most people miss. They want the results without doing what it takes, no excuses. They have to challenge themselves and for all of us, it takes a mentor and a group of people, a mastermind group, in order to truly dominate, but are you willing to do that? That is the question, I ask, are we willing to do that? Are we willing to put aside our pride, our old way of thinking, even our preconcieved ideas of how this is all done. Some of you are locked into good programs and systems, nothing wrong with that, but are you really dominating. Are you really achieving all the goals you have set or is it taking longer than you anticipated. I know what I am talking about, because I have experienced it first hand and I would say that even when I have a mentor, am I truly applying all that is being said to me or our we just floundering around. There is a newly updated training platform that conquers all these issues and more. It doesn't replace what you are doing already, but it will certainly speed up the process of learning to do the right things in the right way, and at the right time, marketing someone elses products and to get the results you need to gain the confidence and become a master marketer. Even if you have never done any of this or you consider yourslef a seasoned veteran, This Challenge will up your game and may even open up new opportunity and ideas to go beyond where you are now. 

Think about this way, we have to willing to do what most people will never do, in order to have what most people do not have and then in turn we will become the most productive citizens because we will have the choice to give back and help others like no one else can.

Let me intoduce you to The Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketers. Check it out and you will be amazed at the results in brings to you personal and professionally

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