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Doug Hammack

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Your results are more about you than the technical

Most people are under the impression that success is something that happens to you and because of this philosophy of life, they are looking for the systems or programs that will make things happen to them. Problem is that is not how it works and that is where systems can fail, because those that create or promote those systems fail to teach what it really takes to succeed. The other problem is even when a program teaches “the right way” or “the right thought”, the student fails to apply or grow. So there are legitimate methods out there that can bring the results you want.


What is the result that you really want? Most of us want to acquire the good life that wealth will bring to us, yet many have the wrong view of how to achieve that level of success. “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” There is an idea out there that I will have all this stuff when I become successful but what most misunderstand is success only comes to the successful person. That is the reason why it seems the wealth just get wealthier and the poor stay poor. There is a relationship between how view success and the acquisition of wealth. Mindset or Philosophy (the way we view ourselves) has to change in order to a successful person and achieve the success needed to earn the wealth that will buy the good life. It all starts with you and the way you view life.


This is where a lot of programs and/or methods fail is they miss this aspect which is actual 80% of true success. Only 20% is technical knowledge or the how to, yet most is about personal approach which is controlled by the way you think. There is a lot more to this but reality is Successful people think differently than those that are just getting by or average. If that is true, then it is logical that in order to achieve what we want, we have to change how we think.


I have three key principles that I teach my students and then I share with them how I have changed my philosophy (my view of how to acquire wealth) that I have learned from my mentor. My goal is to help people succeed, to teach how I have learned to succeed, therefore, whether you have been doing this a long time or just starting out, this could be for you. Truthfully, I cannot promise anything to you other than the I will point the way and do what I can to help you succeed. The three key principles are my gift to see you succeed. Free advice if you will to see that there may be something that you missed and then I will share with you my method of learning, my path that I take. It is a Challenge for Success and will show you as it has shown me, what it really takes to build a solid business that can bring amazing returns (results) to you if you apply its lessons. It is not the only way, but it is the best way I have found to achieve the results that I and many of you are looking for.


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Press Release comments:

That's a great headline Doug, and one which captures one of the absolute truisms of success in any aspect of life. Attitude is everything - there are many bankrupt geniuses, homeless intellectuals and destitute know alls - only perstance is omnipotent!Tom Riach

People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care.TC Johns