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Doug Hammack

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You need to go to the lake and skip your own stones

You need to own your own experience. Read on to the end and it will all become clear.

No two throws are the same because of different angles but we all have the same info or maybe we do not. It does not matter truth is how we interpret info or what we have learned is different for you than it is for me. You need to make it your own because you have your own experience. 

This is why so many who are looking for cookie cutter, done for you for you systems fail. It is because you do not realize what works for one will not work for you unless you learn the why it works, how it works, what works for you and are able to replicate the results over and over again. You see, everyone has a different approach based on where they are coming from and were you personally want to go. This is why you and I need to learn the skills it takes make this business work for us. The promise of results without having to learn the skills is a setup for failure. It is why 96% fail because of the refusal to work at learning the skills. 

Also what freedom looks like for you is different than it looks for me. Although we have similar goals of freedom, our results will be different because what you and someone else are willing to fight for will bring different results. It is important for you to experience it for yourself but also to learn to repeat the results over and over again. Knowledge is power. Your own personal knowledge is what will power your business to work and achieve the freedom you really want, but how you use that power may be similar, yet it will be different. If you do everything exactly the same way with the same voice and the exact same message, no one will succeed exceot maybe the originator.

Truth is all business and marketing practices need to contain your story, your flavor, in other words, what sets you apart from others. That is what others will listen to. This is why there is a need for you to learn your own story and how to communicate that story so other will listen. Many people believe that their story does matter or they do not have much of a story, but I am here to declare, Your story needs to be heard, your passion needs to be expressed, others need to be helped just like I am helping you to see where you need to go in order to achieve your dreams/goals

This is why you and I need to learn from those who have mastered the skills but we need to own those skills that are presented for ourselves, so we need to walk the path, take the journey so we can win. You need to know how those skills are presented, how to use those skills so bring the results to you. Plainly, the skills we learn are the same strategy may be the same but you presentation will be different because your story and angle is different from me. This is why learning now just the what to do, and how to do it is important but you also need to learn how your story affects how people will respond to you, because you are your business.

There is a path, not a just a system, that will teach you how to learn those skills and strategically build your own business where people will actually listen to what you have to say and respond to your story. Is that not the results you have been looking for. Your journey will be similar but not the same as mine or even those who have been the most successful yet if you learn the right strategy and the right skills, you can obtain the same results. Are ready to start learning how to truly succeed? To skip your own stones and master the skills to win? To get past any failure, to win at this online marketing game? 

Are you ready to get unstuck?

Look forward to hear about your story


Press Release comments:

There is no doubt Doug that all people profit from learning from the experiences of others and I believe that you have written a highly rewarding press release in order to make your point. I enjoyed the read and certainly learned new stuff (as I always do) from it. I think that a heck of a lot of people will indeed be ready to get unstuck after reading this.Tom Riach