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Doug Hammack

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You need more than just a system, you need practical action steps

There are lots of systems and methods out there on how to make actual money online and I know that I am "preaching to choir here" because everyone here believes they have found the best way. Some are doing Network Marketing and some MLM and others are doing ecommerce, but when it comes right down to it, we are all basically affiliate marketers because we are marketing someone else's product to receive a commision. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to break into this online business. There are some here who have made a success out of promoting other peoples products and some have even created their own products after years of learning and trial and error. They each have their story. 

In the industry, there many so called gurus who make money by sharing what they know through their system, many of which are "all done for you". By the way, IBotoolbox is not one of those. This is an amazing platform to collaborate and to advertise and build traffic. This is a platform with many tools that need to learned and utilize, but it is also a place to share info. Getting back to gurus, a lot of times they show you what they did but do not explain how you need to get to that place, personally and many fail because of it.

Truth is there is so much more that is under the surface that cannot be seen and you need practical steps to take in order really learn how to market and build a solid business for yourself. I know that there are many of you still searching for what is truly going to work in order to build success. 

I may not be the top marketer yet, but I am a success and have found the best, most practical, comprehensive training on how to build success through affiliate marketing. If you are truly looking for the best and know you are destined to be a success, I invite you to check out my video which will lead to a series on practical steps to take. It will challenge you to become the success you were meant to be. 

Even if you have been around for awhile or you are just starting out, the ideas shared could be the difference between success and failure.

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Very interesting info Doug, thank you for sharing.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Excellent post; thanks Doug for your informative share ~ Congratulations on being in the IBO spotlight today, as Featured Member for the first time ~ blessings and massive success on your journey to financial freedom!Velma Joseph

Many wise statement in your PR Doug. I'm happy to know about YouTube Channel. Subscribed. Thank you for your interesting PRAlicja Tapia