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Doug Hammack

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When you are stuck, go back to the beginning

Go back to the beginning? You mean start over?

Sort of...

Listen, there are times when we get stuck or things do not work out like we had hoped or planned or maybe things are crashing down around you. Many of the truly successful have had failures; times when things just didn't work out. Sometimes it is because we were chasing a shining new thing or maybe it just is not the right thing, at the right time, or even we are following something that worked 2 years ago but does not because things have changed in the industry. 

My question is "Did you take the time to build the foundation of your business because your business is you?" Truth is if the foundation is solid, whatever that is on top may come or change but the business will move on if what is underneath is sure.

This is what I mean about going back to the beginning, checking the foundation, making sure we are still following the fundamentals. If we have those as a solid foundation than we can move on to build in the right way, at the right time, in the right sequence, strategically and we can build tall and strong a business that is solid and will grow to great heights. Starting over is not defeat, it is a new beginning and there is nothing more powerful than overcoming your obstacles, getting unstuck. Truth is it is possible for new beginnings to happen over and over again until will build something great as you scale up your business, no matter what it is.

I share this with you, because there are many who miss this detail of building a sure foundation and just want to skip to the reward, but that is a fool's game that will ultimately end in disaster (lost time, no money, failure). Even if it works short term, it will not last and you are constantly rebuilding rather than scaling your business.

I would like to share with you 3 key foundational thoughts that will guide you to the The Success Challenge. In the Success CHallenge you will build that solid foundation that will change the way you look at this online business. This is entrepreneurial education at its finest which is geared toward affiliate marketing, where most people are these days but the principes can be applied to multiple industries. This is groundbreaking and new but based on a proven blueprint of success. You won't find anything like this that will help you get unstuck, no matter what stage you are at. 

Sign up, check your foundation, be ready to find the success you have always wanted in whatever it is you do.

Look forward to see you at the top





Press Release comments:

Encouraging, More like, Do not give up, Try again in a better way! Thanks for the motivation. :)Ayojide Buremoh

Getting back to basics, revisiting our starting point is always a good thing Doug, and it's necessary. As we develop there's a tendancy to forget some of the things which contributed to our development,. Then, as a result, we slide off track. So your article serves as a first class reminder. It's well written and a professional piece of work.Tom Riach

Our failures are but a challenge to look at things differently and with new approach because in this business nothing is static. Thanks for sharing Doug.Cosmos Parris

Thanks for sharing this, Doug. We need to remember that when we fail, we need to just get up, dust ourselves off and start again. Failure is not fatal.Sandy Blomstrom