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Doug Hammack

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What is your Blueprint for Financial Success

It is crazy how many people think that financial success is just about making money. The more money you acquire, the more successful you are. This is the reason why so many people fail, because the are thinking wrong about of of this. Success is not the accumulation lots of money as if that is what makes a person successful, so the masses are always chasing money. The truth is Successful people do not need to chase money because reward (usually financial) comes to those who are Successful. It is the reason it is important to have a different mindset, in order to be the Success Builder, so that you can write your own ticket as it will. 

I know that I am speaking to a lot of people here who have been at this for awhile, so think about what you do with the income you make from your business. Do you have healthy pattern of financial success, because many do not. There are many who have to continue to hustle and hustle in order continue to stay ahead of their spending. Think about those that many people consider to be successful such as athletes, rock stars, movie stars, etc. Many of them just spend, spend, spend and in the end, after all that hard work and hustle are left broke or with nothing (The Fame without really success) Only those that are smart and have a healthy blueprint of personal finances really succeed. There is a different mindset that is required. There is discipline in business finance that is necessary if you are going to thrive and actually build financial success. It does not just happen by having a business and the money pours in because there are investments in order to build the business which can get overwhelming and out of hand. 

I want to share a message of this very subject with you that definitely changed my perspective and will be of great value to you. You can thank me later.

Press Release comments:

Success is way more than money. What good is all the money in the world if you are not happy?

Most of the happy people I know have more money than those who aren't happy. Another myth is it doesn't take work to be successful. Quite a few truly successful people started with what people consider a lack of education. They learned consistently in spite of being "under educated."
Dennis Thorgesen