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Doug Hammack

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What is it that you really want?

Do you dream big enough? Most people settle for less or are just plain not working for their dreams because they afraid of failure or worse disappointment. Truth is you have all you need right now. Not that all of us have skills or even the awareness to achieve success, but who you are, right now,  is all you need to cultivate and go after your dreams. You’re enough, believe it or not because that is what it is really all about, do you believe you can. I believe you can and will if you will allow yourself to dream big and act on it like it is not impossible. It is possible.

So again I ask, what is it you really want? What is that you want to see different in your life?

Forbes Riley is the queen of the infommercial and the creator of the Spin Gym. She is someone who decided long ago that she was not going to let anyone stop her from reaching her dreams and goals. She is one of the orignal panel from Shark Tank. If anyone understands marketing, it is Forbes Riley

Watch this amazing presentation from her and be inspired to answer the question of what you really want and then take action. Even if you think you know already, watch this and then dig deep. Write it out anew and see what can happen. It has gotten me to think again about how to help you reach  your success

I believe you can and will,


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Doug,Shared this on FB and Twitter. Back to the Top of the board. Have a great weekend!Richard Mathiason

Good title, with an good and interesting Question! I like reading this one and recommand it. Much success. GO IBO!Sig Skeie

There are many things we actually want in life, that don't take money, but actually just us to make happen. I remember not having any money, but always getting what I really wanted or needed through trades, finding used things and doing favors, or just building it myself. Great PR Doug, I sent you over a connection request here on IBO!Jaye Carden

Ah yes Doug the magic question to success "no your wants and reason" I like this PR and the thought behind it. Keep it up.Al Peters

Knowing what you really want as opposed to what you think you want - and then acting on it - is indeed the key Doug. Great video!Tom Riach