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Doug Hammack

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The Cost of Believing

Many here have already found this to be true. This is probably not for you except to encourage you to keep moving forward. There are some here who are new to this marketing online thing and building your own business. This is definetly for you.

It is easy to believe but it can be hard to follow. There is a cost. No getting around it. We cannot stay the same. Staying the same means nothing will change, you will continue to live as you always have and where has that gotten you. Change is inevitable in order to have what you do not have already. Count the cost. Not be afraid of the cost, but know that the cost is worth it. Even if you have had some success or growth, you cannot stop there. You have to continue the count the cost to step into each new result greater than the last. Once there is results it is easier to keep following, but it doesn't change the cost, it just get easier to accept it. This is important because most give up or stagnate before they get here. The successful accept the cost without question and are rewarded for it with results because that is THE way  it works. It is a law like the law of gravity. Those that are not willing to accept the hard or learning curve for a season for the short term, will never have what they really desire in the long run. So it is true, you need to do what most will never do in order to have What most people will never have. Count the Cost. Thisvis what keeps most people from being successful. You have to be willing to count the cost and do the hard stuff for a time or season, in order to be able to have what you really one. It is one hundred percent worth it. The results will come if you are willing to pay the price. The cost is a new mindset, a new habit, discipline, a new pattern, new methods, new strategy because what you are doing now is obviously is not getting you what you really want and what I want for you. You and your family deserve more and should have more, you need to make the move, anyone can do this, but most will not because they will not count the cost, there by costing them everything they really deserve. Some will brush this off, saying it can't be that hard, there has got to be a easier way. These are the same people who continue to work jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, playing the lottery or going to the casino hoping to hit it big. Wasting time and money, because it is easier. Those that do what is easy, will find life is hard, those that do what is hard (for a time) will find life easy. The choice is yours but know that if you are willing to pay the price, your reward will come and life become easier or you can just stay in what is hard, it is comfortable, yet the easy way is the death of dreams. Nothing worse than not being able to reach your dreams, it leads to miserable life. The choice is really leaving the miserable behind you, would that be of value to you. Make the move today. Follow the path to success. It can be scary but the scarier it is, the greater the result. The more the cost, the more the change or learning curve, the greater the reward. Go for who you were meant to be, not where you are now. Follow the link to a great path that will give you a powerful path to achieve all of this.

To Your Success


Press Release comments:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Doug. Change is inevitable as nothing remains static. Mindset gets you adjusting to those changes and progressively get to where you want to be.Cosmos Parris