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Now is the time to be different and win (Gurus vs Strategic Learning)

Greeting fellow entrepreneurs and marketers

Let’s face it. We are all here because we are interested in building our businesses. Ibotoolbox is a platform that we can create a profile, possibly share our story, and promote our message and/or products for minimal costs. It is a great tool. One of many that can be used. On here we have beginners, tire kickers, wannabe’s, serious but quiet entrepreneurs, and gurus. I believe I painted an accurate picture.

These are crazy times and a lot of the physical world is on hold but the move to online has taken a great jump from the future to the now present. Those that learn to navigate the landscape will succeed to win in this now present situation. I believe we all want to succeed but many do not really know how. If everybody did know how, everybody would not be panicking as they are now. 

I am convinced that now is the time to learn to win at this game called marketing. No matter what it is that you are promoting, a product, a service, a company, your own stuff, etc., you need great (proven) strategies to put yourself in position to receive what you deserve. (Law of Compensation)(if you do not know what that is, drop a comment below and I will explain) as opposed to what you want. Most gurus do not share that secret with you and there are a lot of these gurus out there. They all claim to know that quick fast secret to getting the sale which is what we all want, we want to be compensated for our promotion.otherwise, why be in business.

I do not in any way consider myself to be a guru or even the ultimate authority on this. There may be some here who do consider themselves to be in that category. This is not for you unless you still consider yourself to be a fellow student. I am just a student who is willing to share what I have learned to be the strategies that will produce longevity in this business. I am a product of all these strategies I have learned mainly that which seem to be going in the direction of doing things differently than everyone else out there that is making so much noise. How many agree that everyone doing things the same way based on the gurus, muttles the marketplace with just average. Average is never heard when there are well known marketers who are loud and expert teams of people who can’t help but be heard and continue to win.

I never wanted to just be average or try to compete with the loud, well known marketers. When I started out, I was lucky or maybe I should say, “when the pupil is ready, the teacher shows up” I was introduced to a master strategist when it comes to marketing especially online. He has taught me to build my own business and system of learning to speak boldly but “fly under the radar” but be heard without competition in whatever I choose to promote, so I developed Success Builder’s concept. This is still in development stages as I go deeper, but if you want to learn the strategies that get me noticed without screaming loud and bring results, I will share them freely with you. My goal is to help as many as I can to not just be like everyone else, average,but  to strive for greatness in a calm and strategic pattern building your own sustainable place on the internet.  

There is nothing special about me. I am just like you. I do not have any special abilities that make me extraordinary other than I was willing to learn and apply what I learned without being skeptical. I was hungry to learn the right way and chose a mentor who himself was no one special except he also was willing to listen to other experts and become the one who would teach thousands to be different and win.

Now is the time to be different and win as this online market becomes the primary market in the world. There is now a great need for what you are passionate about and your voice needs to be heard without having to compete with the big guys. Instead there are many that are looking for a way to do just this. Maybe it is you. I am sharing how I have developed my own sustainable business. The future is building community and now is the time to start. I will show you the path I have learned which will lead you to what you deserve rather than struggling for what you want.

Learn a different path.

The Strategies I will share with you work for anything you want to promote online. If you are in an MLM, Networking, Direct, Insurance, or even Real Estate because you are promoting someone else’s products, you are in essence an affiliate marketer, so these strategies work and will build your future now.

It is time for you to be great and succeed as a Success Builder.

Your guide for the journey


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