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Doug Hammack

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Knowledge is power only when it is applied

Although there are some here who are just starting out. If that is you, all that I will share here still applies, so read on. 

I really want to address those who have been in business for sometime. Are you doing the same things you were doing last year at this time? Did you have different or greater results this year than last year or is it all just the same. If the answer is you are progressing and getting better than you will resonate with what I am about to share and I commend you. Keep up the great work. But if in your heart of hearts, you are just doing the same stuff with the same results, then maybe you still have a lot more to learn or what you have learned has not been applied which is true for most of us including myself. It is not that I am more knowledgeable. As a matter of fact, it is not about me at all. It is really all about you and your success. I share and pass on what I have learned from my mentor. What I have done is application of the knowledge I have learned and I want to share that with anyone who will listen. I truly believe that you are destined for success. If you are feeling that way too. Read on.

The greatest stumbling block to success is most people are expecting for a System or program or educational products are going to change our situation. They expect something from outside of us to fix our situation, but that is not how success works. Success comes to those who are successful. I will say it again because it is true. Success comes to those who are successful.  Those of us have done the work to change our attitude and our mindset to be successful. Truth is it comes from inside us. This does come from outside things and yet, if we did not need education, or products, or systems, we would already be successful. We need help to change how we see ourselves because of how we have been taught  is to conform to the mediocre or worse blame everyone else but ourselves for where we are. So we need help. That is the first step.

Second, we need to realize that it is going to take determination to change because change usually never comes easy. There is always opposition and we need to overcome that opposition or we are doomed to stay in the mediocre

Third, we need to learn all we can from those who are successful. Learn from the best. Knowledge is power right? 

Well, only partially right. The application of knowledge to ourselves and our situation is the power. It has to be applied to change us inside. Success actually comes from within ourselves, but not without learning the right way. The power is awaken within us when we put the knowledge in, apply it, take action, and anticipate the results. Trust me they will come if we put in the right knowledge and take it to heart and allow it to make us that successful person we need to be.

I am convinced that the knowledge I have received and applied that changed my life will also change yours. 

Are ready to see a difference? Are you ready to do what it takes to be that successful person that attracts success? For some who have seen some success, maybe it will bring greater success

Check out this 

I believe this is your moment. I believe this so strongly that I continue to share this with the many of you who think you may not need this, but the opportunity to learn more could be (once applied) be the key to your greater success

If you are just starting out, you definitely need the help to avoid the pitfalls and find what it really takes to succeed in this changing online marketing world.

The Right Way

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Absolutely on point Doug! We hear so many say "knowledge is power" but we both know the real answer here!!! Congratulations on being FMOTD...enjoy the spotlight :o) Gene Hughes (MD)

Excellent PR; thanks Doug for sharing on the power of knowledge, when it is applied - Congrats - Enjoy your day in the IBO spotlight, as FMOTD! Dorothy Allen

Congratulation Doug to be FMOTD!Aziz Basry

Great Press Release and video, Doug! Congrats, again, for being the FMOTD!Patricia Reynolds

Yes indeed, Great post and congrats on being FOMOTD!Paul Nulty

I agree, it's the application of the knowledge. Always appreciate seeing a good click funnels funnel. Congratulations on being featured today.Bill Bateman

Happy Featured Member day Doug. Enjoy a great time.Tom Riach

Common theme in life and business is gaining wisdom. However if we don't apply the wise we learn over time, growth will not occur. Sharing your article.Christopher Reams Sr

Learn from the best. Knowledge is power right.
I like you PR and definitely the Phase. Thanks for sharing.
Carrie Jackson

It is my belief happiness brings success and not the other way around like most others believe. If you are not happy chances are very high that I will not do business with you.

It is not what we gain or accomplish that is real happiness. The happiness already has to be there. You will find that for everyone real happiness comes from within and is a daily part of life.
Dennis Thorgesen