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Doug Hammack

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Instagram is hotter than Facebook, are you using the social platform to its potential?

Many marketers are using social media especially Facebook and Google, but did you know that Instagram has more visitors and there are several factors that make it the hot ticket right now. The time to strike is when the iron is hot, right? Cool thing is that the competition is growing but has not hit it's peak yet because many do not realize it's potential or do not understand how to use it. 

There are three main factors, right now, why we should all learn to use this tool for marketing.

1. It can be connected to your Facebook to post in both locations; thus multiplying your efforts for each post.

2. It is still an under utilized platform for marketing, yet more people use instagram on their phones tha Facebook, making it an untapped source of great traffic, if used properly

3. Instagram Influencers are a fantastic source of targeted traffic by tapping into their list of followers who are looking for what you offer and the price to advertise with them is still fairly low compared to Google Ads and Facebook, but it won't stay there, so the time is now.

Watch the video presentation by Tim Karsliyev ( owner of @dailydose and several other mega accounts ) sharing His secrets of how he has grown to one of the biggest Instagram Influencers with very simple strategic actions.

This could be the ticket to grow your audience that will take you to the next level in business and marketing, I know it has for me. One post a day could change everything for you. Tapping into someone else's huge list is a great way to leverage your marketing for domination.

To your Insta-success


Press Release comments:

You're right Instagram is a medium that is hot and but it's important to know how to use it.Dominic Goss

Great info thanks Doug,will look into this for sure.Louise Kinnear