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Doug Hammack

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Inside Secrets to Lead Generation

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One of the reasons I’m able to engage you with this email…  

is because you’re on my LIST.

And, most likely, the way you got on my list is because

I gave you something of tremendous value in exchange for your email. 

It’s a very simple principle, really. 

Knowing how to set up this exchange (a valuable 

lead magnet in exchange for your email)…

Is a VITAL part of every entrepreneur’s business.

If you want to start and grow your business…and STAY in business…

Then knowing how to capture leads and build your list is critical to your success.

One of the most successful lead-generating marketers

and businessmen I know is Russell Brunson, the creator

of ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels grew to $100 Million in revenue in just 3 years!

And it’s because Russell knows how to generate leads and 

customers like nobody’s business. 

So when he told me that he just put together a new book called The “Lead Funnel Swipe File,” my ears perked up immediately.

The book is a compilation of 106 of some of the most effective and profitable lead generating funnels on the planet. 

...and he wants you to be able to access them, so you can take these ideas, and apply them to YOUR business!

It’s a giant swipe file book, and the whole thing is only $7 - which is insane...

Here’s where I found it ?   

Click here to claim your copy of “Lead Funnel Swipe File.”


Doug Hammack

Success Builder

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