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In order to see results, You have to overcome fear

Many do not realize, but fear will always confront us when we endeavour to get out of our comfort zone. Lets face it, most of us before we started seeking to build a business for ourselves or are endeavouring to build a business for ourselves were in a comfort zone. It wasn't a good place to be either because it makes us complacent, and not wanting to work for our dreams, they are just wishes ie. I wish I would win a million dollars, etc. But that is not how the real world works yet so many are trapped in that lie. Fear stops us from accomplishing anything and everything, so we must overcome fear.

What are you afraid of when it comes to beginning or even continuing in business, being self employed? It is important to identify that this will and does happen at the beginning and even as you continue. The point is to rise beyond this fear. Fear is not good reason to follow your destiny. If you have the desire to make something for yourself, that is the universe saying that you should and need to do exactly that. Fear will keep yu away from where you can be. You must overcome that which you are afraid of.

You see, everyone wants results but most are unwilling to face their fears, and then what you fear will master you, overcome you and ultimately destroy all your dreams. I am here to tell you that you can conquer this and anything you dare to face. It may be scary but don't let the scary win. You are enough.

Watch this video and be encourage to take this head on.

If this and the video encourages you, llet me know. Leave a comment.

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Press Release comments:

thanks Doug this one got me thinking.Keith Dessert

Hi Doug. Of course, as you point out, fear can stop us in our tracks if we allow it to. If you can over come your fears, you can accomplish anything!! Thannks for sharing these important points.Don Merrill

In my studies of Personal Development I have learned that fear and worry ate two of the most destructive forces known to mankind. Learning this has helped to elevate me out of many negative situations. For this I am eternally grateful. Thank you for sharing this, Doug. To the top with you and Twitter too!Linda Michel White

Lack of confidence, the worry of what other people will think, the idea that others are somehow better .. yes, Doug, all of these add up to a fear of doing things. It always seemed to me that the bigger fear was in not doing things. Great article!Tom Riach

Too afraid to start, unfortunately this is true, thank you, Doug.George Pierce

Great PR, thanks for sharing  -via IBOmobilevictor Health

Fear of success, fear of being different .. yes Doug, good points. Personally I never had a fear of business, it always seems like a great adventure to me, too much fun to miss!Tom Riach