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Doug Hammack

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I need your participation in my 10 day video Challenge

Hey friend,

I began a 10 day Challenge to make and post video each 10 of said challenge. It is necessary for you to succeed, you have to skill up. The way to get good at making video presentation is to practice and this challenge is me sharing with you that experience. First Video link here

I am not anybody special. There are skills I have to learn just like you, but what I have learned is you have to be deliberate and focused on what you want to accomplish and that is where I need your help. You may be already an expert or you may be a beginner, but I need you to watch this video. Feel free to comment, please. Love the feedback. Then I need you to go to my yourtube channel by following this link. Subscribe please. There will be one new video everyday (current Day 2 has been posted also) to watch my videos for the next 9 days or however many days it takes depending on when you started. 

If you were inspired on a particular video please like and comment. I would welcome the shares also. THis is a practical learning experience for both me and you, so I welcome critique or even added thoughts. I appreciate the networking that takes place here as we build business relationships together. I hope this can be a help to many people who struggle with skilling up to build a solid business and I pray that inspires you also to be better than you were yesterday.

Talk soon


Press Release comments:

Thank you for sharing your video challenge with us DougLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.