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Doug Hammack

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How to Keep On Going

Life in general throws us curves. Just look where we are today. This year has thrown lots of curves, so why would online endeavors and business be any different. What is it that keeps us moving forward? If we are not moving forward, there is no success. Below is a quick synopsis of what I share in my latest post on my Success Builder site where I go into more explanation of How to Keep On Going

First, is to remember you really are in control of your destiny. The path to get there is probably not going to be straight as matter of fact, it is digging through dirt as in the picture or obstacles to get through. Understanding and recognizing this and yet being determined to get around, over, under or through it, will get you that much closer. Don’t let anything stop you

Second, stay inspired by reading, watching, listening to stories of people who overcome, especially if they already resonate with you. 

Finally, shoot for the moon if you miss you will still land among the stars. Set a goal that inspires you. And then go for it. If you do not get there, don’t change the goal, change the time table and start back toward it again

Never give Up

Watch my latest post, as I share these and my story of  how I was overwhelmed and how I overcame. 

Click here and be inspired

Keep Moving Forward


Press Release comments:

Yes true, We are responsible for our own success and we should never give up.Tommy Olsson

Each one of is, indeed, in control of our own destiny...the captain of our ship...no one else...inspiring message Doug. You have hit on the key. Never quit. Thanks for sharing!Grant Rayner

Bill Bateman just asked me who was Featured Member yesterday - I reminded him it was you Doug, your first time in the top position. Well done again and Bill will now feature you in his weekly roll of honour, so watch out for that!Tom Riach

Stay inspired and never give up are fine mottos to live your life by Doug and with which to celebrate your Featured Member award - well done, enjoy a fabulous day and a terrific weeend. Have fun!Tom Riach

Thank you Douglas for sharing this very inspiring PR on your special day. Congratulations and keep up the good work. anthuwin cupido