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How do you keep going in your Journey?

Hey everybody, I wanted to share with you something amazing. Everybody can do this, but most people will not, so if you know your answer to this question, deep down the true answer, than you are already winning. Still we need to stay inspired, therefore I will share this with you and hope you will inspired to do more today than you did yesterday.


First let me say that over a year ago, I would have given up before I even got started because I would not have had the right mindset and oh what I would be missing out in life. This concept can be applied to everything in which you face challenges and need to find a way to overcome. Second, you need to succeed because you’re story of success needs to be shared with the world because there are people who need your story. This is why I share my story and pray that this resonates with you and you can be inspired. Third, some would consider this thing to seem insignificant, and yet it was important to me and if it was important to me, there are others just like me who will consider this to be very significant, so hopefully you will read this to the end and then share, tweet, comment, like, etc. for others that need to hear this.


Two Saturdays ago, I had a friend who was competing in a Triathlon for the first time. She had trained a lot. She had a couple friends, and family there to support her, but not a lot. As a matter fact, for an event like this, I would say that the majority of people in our Metro area of Rochester, NY, were not even aware that there was even such an event, unless they were inconvenienced by the fact that the road was completely block off and traffic was rerouted, yet still they may not even know why.


THis brings up the point that unless there is awareness, most people miss out in inspirational moments. “Your success story will be an inspiration only if you share it and make people aware.”


Back to the story, I needed to get to the cheering area but the road was blocked so I needed to find an alternate way. There may have been an easier way if I had the right tools (GPS and Google Maps) but the reality is I did not have those with me because I was not prepared because I didn’t think I needed to, and yet this was not going to stop me from trying. “Don’t ever let anything stop you.” Again in the past, I probably would have given up, but instead I kept moving forward (better mindset for everything in life). I found a street that I thought would get me closer to the goal and parked my car. The event was along the Durand Eastman Park so I found a trail that would take me toward my goal but I have never journeyed this trail so it was unknown and I began to walk toward my destination not sure what I was going to encounter. Fortunately for me, the trail was fairly straight which after quite a distance, opened up to the public golf course in the park. Having played this course before, I knew that on the other side was the road that was blocked but did not know how far that was and was not sure exactly which hole I was at or where it comes out. To my left was a paved road which led up a hill which looked promising, so I took it and ended up at the waste treatment plant which is in the middle of nowhere and completely fenced in with no way out, a dead end. It looked promising, a shiny object that does not pan out.

Warning: there will be many shiny objects but resist the temptation to jump from one thing to the next to the next and so on. You need to find what really works and is solid. Yet no lesson is ever wasted. You learn and turn back and move on.


So I went back to the golf course and begin to continue to walk North toward my goal. After a little ways, I recognize a path that led to the next hole from the one I entered so At least I knew it was progressing forward through the course, following that next hole which heads back to the last couple holes that lead to the clubhouse. On my left is another path, that as I could tell turned back toward North, so I followed past a storage shed, and suddenly, there was the road I was looking for, a breakthrough in my journey. Once at the road, I missed the start of the race, the swim part, but there were racers riding the bikes which I watch for a moment. Excited to see them and watching for my friend, I walked to the event central where everybody was cheering. I saw many incidents of inspiration, I would have missed had I not forged forward. Let me just say, there were several moments, where the self talk was trying to tell me this is stupid, turn back now, your going to get lost, etc. and I refuse to accept those and listen.


“Keep Moving Forward”

“Find or Make the Best Way”


Along the way walking along the race path, I saw racers encouraging one another. I also saw someone racing with a stroller, pulling extra weight and/ or pushing extra weight, greater resistance and yet it does not stop them. I saw a huge variety of people winning by completing a goal that was not easy to reach, not letting anything stop them. And then I felt like I shared in that experience a little but not letting anything from stopping me to cheer on my friend. Not only was I able to share in my friend victory in she was able to place in the top 10 in her age group, we were able to share a special moment of friendship causing it to grow.


What I learned that day.

  1. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goal
  2. Sometimes you might take a wrong turn, every moment is a learning opportunity
  3. Keep the right mindset Keep Moving Forward and it will come out. It has to, because you are determined.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on what you have learned before. Make educated guesses not “shiny objects”
  5. Never look back
  6. Pushing forward so that you can “Go to bat for others” that need to be encouraged” Putting others ahead of yourself or your comfort.


I know this will encourage you today. If you want to know done to learn how to have the right mindset and how to “skill up”, there is a place to go but first I want to share a little more with you to prepare you. Some principles that are important to have that amazing mindset and will lead you to place I go, a platform for entrepreneurs to come a learn from experts in many fields. Tons of free content as well as mastery programs that will teach how to "build your own well" and not reliant on a system. Many companies whom people rely on like Kodak, Toy R Us, and even internet groups like MOBE have come and gone and if you have not built your place, it will be gone, so if I have inspired you, come check out. Even if you are already with another, this learning platform is for any and all niches such as ecom, direct sales, network marketing, mlm, insurance, real estate, contractors, salesmen, affiliate marketing, anything using internet marketing.

If you want to know more, Use this link: Journey to Independence

Talk soon,

Doug Hammack, Success Builder

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