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Doug Hammack

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Have you found your "WHY"?

You have found your “Why"


“Why" it is our reason we do things, good or bad, positive or negative. Hopefully, more positive than the later, yet everything can change.


“Why" is not why you should do something. It is merely the reason to keep on the path to whatever it is that you find that is a worthy ideal.


The important thing is to find your “Why". Many people do not. They wander through life aimlessly and achieve nothing. Then there are others who sort of achieve. They do just enough to barely survive.


Have you ever wondered why so few people achieve success, yet there are many who voice that they want it? These are the many that will dream and set goals, but are unwilling to change, or do what it takes to actually reach those goals. They allow circumstance, laziness, or fear to dictate their lives. They never find a “Why" that is powerful enough to carry them through.


It comes from inside you. You have to change the way you think because we have all been programmed for just surviving when we really want to thrive. We have to break out of the mold and aim high. You have to find your “Why".


Not your why should I do this, but you “Why" I need to do this. Your driving force, this is what I found on my journey to success. That is why I continue to send this message out, because there are some of you who need to find 

You will find, once you click the link, my story and the principles I learned to find my “Why", and how I have learned to be successful, the vehicle.


It is time for you to go beyond where you are now and be the success you need to be. It takes some effort but it is so worth it. To have control of your, "Why" that will drive your how. I am here to help you and motivate you. Check out the new builder of success series that will show what I have learn so far and beyond. This is a learning series that will definitely help you on your journey.

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Press Release comments:

As you shared "It is time for you to go beyond where you are now and be the success you need to be." Its funny how some people want more but won't put the effort to do it, it as if they believe they are entitled to it without lifting a finger. Thanks for sharing.Wanda K Robinson

Thriving rather than just surviving does need our inner programme to be reset Doug, you've conveyed that message very clearly in what is an interesting and important read.Tom Riach

Hey Doug Good One and thanks for sharing...liked and shared for you...GO IBO!Jeff Thrasher