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Doug Hammack

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Everybody’s different and that''s okay

Everybody's Success Journey is different because we are all different. Even if you were to do the exact things, and copy what someone else has done, your experiences, your choices, your outcome would be different because you are not the same person. It has everything to do with who you are and who you want to become. There are principles to follow, there are techniques to practice and technical things to learn from other Success Builders such as myself and my mentor, but how you go about those things will be different for you.

It took my mentor, 5 years to get to the place where most of us today that succeed will take much less and 15 years to where he is now helping all of us. The point is it is different for everyone. I myself dabbled at the beginning hoping it would just work for me I was looking for a quick start, not get rich quick kind of start, but a good start without much effort, but that it is not how it works in the real world. 


There is a way to definitely shorten the time it takes to set up shop, your business. The problem is that most people think that getting into a program or selling someone else’s product is their business. Selling someone else’s products is a great way to get started in business, but a successful business is actually...You. What will not last is people who just want to make money online. A few people might succeed to make a few dollars, but most will just fail because they do not understand it is not a product people are buying, it is you and who you are that people will learn to trust. Hopefully, you are learning that I have no intentions of misleading but telling you the truth about all of this with the goal of helping you to succeed. At this point, you could just virtually walk away and go out to discover all I have been sharing with you is true on your own. I was fortunate to find my mentor early on, and have been following the best every since, but back to what business is and what all this means to you.


When someone starts a pizza business out of a store, what is that person really selling? Pizza is everywhere and there are lots of shops in every town. The owner is selling their way of making the product, there special ways. The owner’s that succeed, are the ones that can convince many people that their way of making the pizza is better than the others. In essence, the business is them. We buy pizza from them because we have learned to trust them, their recipe and their way of doing business.


Well the same is true of online business. Now I know all this sounds overwhelming, but it does not have to be but it will be if you try all this on your own. If you truly want to make a difference and build something solid online, there is help. Lots of help, with proven steps to follow to create a place for yourself online that will be able to bring people to you that will buy whatever you believe in, because after all, others will only buy stuff from you that you believe in. That is how it actually works. You may even someday want to create a product of your own, but you do not have to in order to be successful online. 


We all need to learn to do the right things, in the right ways and become the person we want others to believe in so that they will trust us and buy from us. I truly want to see you succeed yet I am aware that there is a lot of noise out there trying to sell you their program which is why I have tried my best to be transparent with you. I believe that I have found “the best way” to build a solid business online so that you can actually earn a real income online when so many others fail. There are many success stories in our group and we have a five star rating on trust pilot. Check out this training.


I could say a lot to try to convince you but you really need to see this for yourself. Take the time to check out this Success Challenge. It will show you what is truly possible. Discover today the path that has brought me to where I am today. Teaching others how to succeed. Today is the day to become the person who is able to win instead of failing. 


Are you ready? Click here and learn how this might be what you have been looking for to take it to the next level


To your true success


Press Release comments:

Great Press Release. Thank you for sharing Keep up the good work!Bob & Shirley Rushing

Doug I checked out the resource you shared. It looks like a great program that will help people who are trying to grow their business online. As you stated, there is help for thos who want it, the key is you have to take that first step.Shantell Sweeney