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Cultivate Your List

Hello my fellow marketers,

This may be something you know already or this may be an idea that could be a million dollar idea. Many believe they already know all about marketing, but what I have found is that I can always learn more. I listen to those who are much more successful than myself and I leave myself open to learn new ideas. How about you? The truly successful are always constantly learning and than sharing that value, that gold nugget with others. Success is the progresive realization of a worthy ideal. All greta business start with an idea and then is grown on great strategy.

When it comes to building a successful business, there are three important things. Traffic, Leads, and then sales. It comes down to these three. Today I want to talk about leads. Many say that the money is in the list and although your list is a tremendous asset, it is just a list until you cultivate the list to become actual leads. Without leads, there are no sales and if there are no sales, you do not have a successful business. This is true of any business, MLM, Network Marketing, Insurance Sales, real Estate, even e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Watch this video and see if there may a new idea that may inspire you about cultivating your list.

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